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What comes first? Cereal or milK?

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User Image www.thrq.com -17og
User Image Inuyasha_0001- 14og
User Image Ms.Jesus- 2oog
User Image Toni-tan - blue cat headband
User Image Vesslia - noise maka
User Image Kyoko_Itchigawa - natural coral pendant, Heart shaped box of sweets, 1ooog, Heart Shaped Box of Sweets, 4th Anniversary Super Roman Candle, uh more stuff xD
User Image Monster of Cerulean City - Winter Fox mink
User Image P o o h - 168 tickets, 2oo tokens, Turkey dinner, Lift Messenger Bag, Labu Necklace, Thank You Letter For May 2007, Thank you Letter for October 2007
User Image Nick116 - 3,ooog (Or more like I stole it from him xD)
User Image Kasumi_Asataki - 11,550g, Gills, Gaia 2nd Anniversery Balloon, Flower On My Head, Orange Guppy, Narwhal plushie, Corrallus Egg 2nd gen. Blue sweetheart teddy, and lots of art
User Image Kimiko_Itchigawa - 5oog
User Image Sasukex00 - Black Tie
User ImageAdelinia - 3oog
User Image gaaragirlforlife468 - Gwee
User Image Guilty_Of_Insanity - Blue Flame Shirt
User Image RedrumPirate - 40 tokens
User ImageRibbon no Kishi - LCD TV, Pancakes
User Image Grog McGee - 3x Red Guppy Helm
User Image G-hey - 4830g
User Image Anomonous Benefactor (who ever you are!)- Roman Candle, Flower On My Head, Pora Ice 4th gen., Magical Girl, and more ><...
User Image Another Anonymous Benefactor - Silver BFF Heart Chain
User Image Bubble One - Toilet Paper
User Image xXGummehBear88Xx - Mokona Hat and 150g
User Image .Blonde.Confidence. - Fairywings, Leg warmers
User Image Crumble Cake - Angelic Imp
User Image NataliaPessoa - Wintery Hot Cocoa, Blue pompom gloves, Blue ribbon, Clamshell Purse, Fluff plushie
User Image Tobi-kun fan - Black tied belt

User Image And for the best for last...Kasumi_Asataki donated an OMFG! Thank you so much!! *huggles*
User ImageThe best for last rightfully belongs to...*drum roll* Sakura_126! With a donation of Penguin Slippers, she is the most awesomest person to walk the face of my donation list! Everyone give her a round of applause! I can't show you how grateful I am Kasey~! Thank you so much! *glomps*

User ImageAlso special thanks to the anomonous benefator who has been sending me nice gifts for a few months. And yes I did notice that the box was always blue and white. I seriously need to know who you are so I can thank you properfly! D:< I need to know now! GODAMMIT! *pulls hair out*
Who are you anonymous benefactor?!~

User Image Another thing, the 'Another Anonymous Benefactor' has been identified! The culprit was *drum roll* Kokoro_Amori ;D

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My name's Crystal. There really isn't a point in writing a small little discription 'bout me 'cause you can't really get to know a person through that, now can you?

Well here's what's on my mind right now: I don't understand why people strive for perfection. Being imperfect is being perfect.


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Orgasmic Cheese Puffs

Report | 01/25/2015 2:24 pm

Orgasmic Cheese Puffs

Mostly trying to find a job and trying to make the most out of the royal mess I've made of my life sweatdrop

How're you enjoying college?
Orgasmic Cheese Puffs

Report | 01/18/2015 11:11 am

Orgasmic Cheese Puffs

i do, yes, although i'm rather on hiatus atm due to lack of a computer x3 how've you been? c:

Report | 01/02/2015 7:01 am


Thank you so much! emotion_bigheart

Report | 04/29/2011 4:59 pm


Haha. Same. I think it's been like over a year! xD
It took me so long to figure out how to find my profile. razz
P o o h

Report | 10/14/2010 1:47 pm

P o o h

hey biggrin i remember your birthday from a long time ago and i thought about it today so happy birthday! haha i haven't been on on gaia for months! atleast i think your birthday is October 14! and if its not then.. haha well thats embarrassing!

Report | 08/10/2010 1:16 pm


I feel bad... I never check my profile anymore, so I am just getting to this now. Anyway... I've been out of school for some time now. I graduated college and I have no plans to go back. If I DO go back, it'd be for something in the criminal justice field. I found a job, I'm a gas station attendant, working part time... It helps pay the bills, while I look for something better. I like it there, it's a decent position and I love everyone. Plus, it's Union, so that's always good too. Your first relationship huh? How's that going for you? How's school going? If you're back yet... Since it's almost the end of August. If you aren't back, are you prepared?

Report | 06/05/2010 10:58 pm


Doing well, been working a lot. I'm working at a gas station as a cashier, trying to get back on my feet. Things are going good. Got a new girlfriend, we've been together about a year. How's everything with you?
Orgasmic Cheese Puffs

Report | 04/28/2010 12:03 am

Orgasmic Cheese Puffs

crystal! O: HAI

Report | 04/18/2010 11:58 am


Thanks For Buying.
Orgasmic Cheese Puffs

Report | 12/18/2009 10:20 pm

Orgasmic Cheese Puffs

gonk now i feel bad o3o


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