Name: Miko Yami (not going to tell you my real name)
My age: ?
Birthday: Jan 4
Hair: Black
Eye: Brown almost black (like the Uchiha's eyes)
Skin: Tan
Personality: Well I’m opinionated…very opinionated…I’m easy to get along with, and I’m honest…I really don’t know how to describe myself really…most of the time I’m emotionless so if I writing to you I really don’t have emotion on my face….sad isn’t it….hmm
Oh just a little mockery of twilight (I’m contemplating if I should read it again, I finished the Harry Potter Series) anyway….In case you guys are wondering, I’m unconditionally and irrevocably in love it with Itachi Uchiha. You may ask how can you love ink and paper? Well it’s easy to answer I love his personality and his the smell of his blood (JK JK) I just love his personality, I mean cool and collected different then my scattered brain self who forgets what’s she’s supposed to be doing the second she gets there. I mean there is something in the way he acts. His cool exterior is a complete turn on how gives girls attention but ignores them is completely hot, hot, hot. Oh…god I’m the type of girls that falls in love with jerks…but Itachi isn’t a jerk he has a soft sweet side that is hidden with harden shell. Itachi:…-/.- UU. I mean reading the few “GOOD” fan fiction out there, (I will tell you the few later)and I get odd in the inside, like I want to fly this also happens when I look at pictures of him, I love him in his business suit –drool- or naked is always good-nose bleed- Itachi: Children read these things you know -/.-….Miko: right sorry kids ignore the last comment….-Miko drooling over Itachi- His looks can make any girl turn heads, long silky black hair that frames his face in a prefect layered manner. And onyx or crimson eyes that seem to stare deep in to your soul. He looks at you sharply reading your moves but eyes long eyelashes giving his sharp look a softer flow to them. I believe if I were ever to meet Itachi Uchiha in real life I would faint as soon as we make eye contact. Itachi: Are you done? Miko: Yeah so yes, I’m head over heels, crazy about Itachi Uchiha…and yes I do need help.
Ten facts about me:
I’m Arab, yep the Middle East baby –peace sign- My parents are from Lebanon cool country check it out. But I’m born in raised in America near the Rocky Mountains my only tools for survival the internet XD (No but I do live near the Rocky Mountain and boy are they beautiful). I do visit Lebanon the jewel of the Middle East (I’m <3 Lebanon). I plan to move there and live near the sea…and live the rest of my life writing (Doesn’t that sound magical)
No I don’t speak Arabic (or Lebanese for you simple brained idiots) but I can understand it if it is being spoken to me. First of I only understand the Lebanon’s Arabic, not Egyptian (yes everybody there is different dialect in the Arab speaking kingdoms) in music I still can’t understand some words. No I can’t read or write Arabic either sorry >.<
I think Disney l is corrupting our youth. My thoughts are that they are in fact trying to take over the world by marketing to the youth. Buy are stuff or you will look like s**t. Kids will beg their parents for the latest Miley Cyrus backpack or the coolest high school musical toothbrush that sings when you brush your teeth. The parents curious on what their children are watching soon the parents find themselves brain washed and by Jonus Brothers toilet seat that plays cheese quote from their show every time you flush because they want to RULE THE WORLD!!!!!!!!….but I could be wrong they could be just brain washing the kids into thinking life is an ease thing if you make the right choices. And the Marketing thing is just to a way for their corrupt business to make money. As you can tell I strongly disagree with Disney’s new methods and miss their old stuff I used to watch as a child. Though I do find guilty pleasure watching Phineas and Ferb.
I sadly think Katy Perry and Shakira are hot and would date them if I was a dude but I’m a chick and I still would like to date them though. I mean Shakira has that gorgeous Latino tan and Lebanese features (Yes, Shakira's father is Lebanese) and Katy Perry….Katy is just hot and her music fun to listen to watch this video >>>> Katy Perry!!! Haha told yeah it’s cool.
I slept three hours last night and during that three hour sleep I dreaming I got attacked by squirrels, which were after my nuts. THEY ATTACKTED ME IN MY DREAM. Then I got this letter Dear Miko, we squirrels are after your nuts, please protect your nuts sincerely your favorite nut…I woke up laughing…what I’m telling you…I’m insane and perverted a I mean nuts –starts laughing- Itachi:….-/.- so immature Miko: haha they wanted my nuts –holds up a bag of nuts-
Well know that we got over my immatureity am also very mature, I love reading fan fiction especially those that involve Itachi as I explained I’m in love with the mysterious Uchiha….wait falling in love isn’t very mature –shrugs- oh well…
Yes, Yes I do give constructive criticism, I would love to get some back please feel free to read my stories and review –smiles- but if you do decide to flame me make sure there is a purpose for your flame and do not make it one bent up on revenge just cause I criticized you…notice I didn’t flame you I pointed out your flaw that we you need to fix
–Grabs mike from some ones hand- ITACHI UCHIHA I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!-hands mike back to person- Everybody: O.o….so strange Itachi: -/.-U-sweat drop- Miko: -listening to Vocoliods and shaking head like nothing ever happened-
Yes, this is how mind really is XD I hope you enjoyed the short visit in my mind…
Favorite anime: (Yeah you are all curious since I’m picky about fan fiction I’m also picky about my anime)
My favorite and for most loved anima or Manga would be…-drum roll-…Godchild by Kaori Yuki. What can I say about it? Its art work is beautiful the story line is fantastic and I cried at the end. Not only that, she is the only artist I know that can make death in art work looks beautiful (I know morbid thought). Truthfully I like all works because her style is of fantastic I suggest you read her work.
My second my come to no surprise to some of you, yes I love Black Butler Yana Toboso. I know typical but not because Sebastian is a hot demon. (He very much is) But they way the characters interact with one another. I love Ceil and in each emotion he shows, he is dark but a soft side. And Sebastian who “acts” I repeat “acts” that he cares for Ceil’s life. The art work isn’t as good as Yuki’s but it’s still good.
Descendants of Darkness by Yoko Matsushita has taken place sadly the author won’t continue this story and it left on a really good spot so I wish she would continue…um this anime is goofy but serious at the same time. The story has made me laugh with all the characters side humor and questionable moments while it also left me on the side of my bed trying to piece together the murders and the plot twist. The art reminds me back in the 90’s, it’s good to see old anime art at times.
Demon Detective Neuro Nōgami by Yūsei Matsui, I have only watched the anime but already it’s got me turning my head. The plot line at the moment is simple but characters are funny. The story sort of reminds me of Black Butler…but with a female character instead of Ceil and Neuro actually shows that he doesn’t care about the lead character. It’s funny to watch, with some hidden plot twist waiting to come. The art style is simple.
Pandora Hearts by Jun Mochi, is interesting it takes the Alice in Wonderland story and twist it up to a much darker twisted story with a different plot….not much to say about this anime except it is a good read and I suggest you read it the art style is the first thing that brought me to it.
Alice of Heartland by Hoshino Soumei…I know I know this actually a lot lighter than any of Manga/Anime(s) I have mentioned so far…sadly I do have a bit of girly side and do like romantic stuff, while it is somewhat romantic it is also pretty funny with the characters and actually do like the female character cause she is funny and different then everybody she deals with everybody so differently it’s kind of fun to watch her reaction to them. Blood is also a guy I would love to date…Itachi: -glare-Miko: -hides- I’m going to admit the art style is pretty simple so it took me forever to start reading but once I started I couldn’t put it down.
Arina Tanemura works never cease to amuse me…-everybody faints over dead- I know I know she is more high school girl love story…but I’m a girl and I want love –more people fall down dead- is it really that much of a shock. Anyway I Arina’s work because she has her own originality, I mean yeah the character design are all the same but they are different and the best part is even with the character design being the same, she kind of made it signature along with the plot line and I love her for her originality and her art work….yes the big eyes does amuse me, I find it cute…-more people die- Miko: -places head on hand-
Kodocha by Obana Miho this one of the first manga I have ever read and the first to my collection. I just love the expression of the story and characters not only that each character is hard to forget. I mean who could forget Sana she is kind of hard to forget especially in the anime when she stats to sing. I laugh all the time but all good anime must come to an end I was upset that I had to say good bye to my favorite characters. The art is good I like it so it must be good.
Pick of the litter by Yuriko Suda is actually a pretty funny series. It’s the most popular manga I have right now. Its art style is plain though. Sharing the number nine spot is Skip-Beat by Yoshiki Nakamura…it’s girly but still a good manga to read it keeps away from the cliché love scenes and shows the struggle of getting revenge, the art is to plain for my liking but it’s still is an excellent manga that has made me laugh numerous time.
The last manga I like and will always be in my favorite list is….-drum roll- is….DNAngel yep DNAngel, by Yukiru Sugisaki. Truth be told, not many of you know this manga considering how old it is and how long it is taking for the author to write…I loved this manga it was the first manga that I ever loved. It could have helped that I had a huge crush on Dark Mousy; I mean who wouldn’t fall for a guy with purple hair and being voiced by Vic Mignogna. I still find myself screaming every time I see Vic on the internet…-sweat drop- but that’s beside the point for all those who just met me…I know shocker I liked someone beside Itachi Uchiha but yes I was head over heels in love with Dark Mousy. (Of course I screwed up his personality when I was first writing fan fiction, one story you will never see). I used to love this Manga and could name all the characters under a second and give you description of their personality and looks. Now I struggle but it’s still a good Manga to read. The only thing that is a letdown is it isn’t a Yaoi. I mean there is so much going on between the four guy main characters it pisses you off that they have to remind themselves that they are straight!!!! I mean come on there is so many sparks between the guys it pisses you off when you see them kiss on of the Harada twins and not any other guys. For those girls who know DNAngel you guys are probably shaking your head and agreeing with me. For those who don’t read DNAngel read the story its hinted Yaoi but still straight. Any way this is still a good manga and I suggest everybody reads it.

((If you have question about any of these manga ask me))
Favorite books: (I don’t have a long list I’m behind on my books)
Well my first favorite book is…yep Harry Potter I love J.K. Rowling her writing style is so amazing and she started up so simple and worked her way up. I love how you grew attached to the characters then cried when the book was over. I also love how all her books connect with one another and I love watching the changes of each character. I think J.K. Rowling is a very talented writer and I hope to be a writer like her…Talented!!
My second is the Mercy Thompson By Patricia Briggs…there is nothing much to say about this book, the author isn’t very good at romance scenes but her story lines make up for it…I just suggest you read it if you are tired of Twilight.
Fairy Tales…yep I’m sucker for the Happily Ever After…yep I’m a sucker for those story, well the Grimm versions that is the dark version and truthfully I like screwing around with them…I also enjoy studying them it’s my favorite past time.
Nursery Rhymes, Love me true shows my love for Nursery rhymes, I have two Nursery rhymes placed in there another thing I enjoy studying.
Of course Alice in Wonderland…nothing much to say about this I just like it.
((Yep not very long I told you))
Favorite couples: (Send me a few fan fiction that are good if they have these couples)(yes this one is in order)
ItachiXOC (I love to see peoples OC and I love seeing him being paired with OC’s (that are well created))
AkatsukiXOC (So basically any Akatsuki character paired with any OC (again well created)
SasuNaru (you know they are meant for each other don’t deny it)
ItaDei (it’s adorable I mean they are both so pretty Itachi and Deidara: -sweat drop- )
ItaNaru (Itachi’s after Naruto for one reason or another why not add a little bit of boy love into the story)
NaruHina (Those belong to each other right after SasuNaru of course)
ItaHina (only if it’s AU, I kind of like the bad boy with the good girl and of course in character)
DNAngel boys XOC (I have yet to find a good one)
DNAngel boys X DNAngel boys ( so basically any Yaoi couple works for me)
(Even with my Yaoi fetish I would them to be in character it pisses me off if I see them OOC)
Pet Peeves: (ah yes my favorite part if you got a review from me I suggest you read this it’s important)
OOC, I cannot stress enough on how much it is a pet peeve of mine. It will always have top spot on pet peeves. I have read so much bad Itachi stories where he in fact goes all wacko and OOC for some character (wither its Canon or OC or Yaoi). I have read a lot of ItachiXSakura where Sakura is also out of character. How the hell do you OOC Sakura you guys may ask? Well, making her non-fan girl to Sasuke Uchiha (though in the Anime shows that she is) or making he a complete bad a** and hate her village (unless Sakura has a good reason to hate the village don’t do it) or my favorite is she has Itachi head over heels all over her and chase her around Sakura falling in love and Itachi hardly even looking at another girl or forgetting about Sakura please excuse me for a bit. –grabs chain saw about to walk out the door Itachi grabs Miko places her back on the computer- …well as you can see this really, really bothers me. You Sakura fans make her to perfect thus making her Mary-sue you guys don’t get criticized to harshly because you have paired Itachi with a canon and deserve praises because it’s a Canon not flames their writing style is too amazing to even get flames. I mean come on people get real. Yes I’m talking you feather brained idiots.
Sakura fan girl walks in-
Sakura fan: read this story it’s really good.
–Miko reads story turns towards girl-
Miko: How old did Sakura when she graduated college?
Sakura fan: At age 16 but that’s because she’s really smart.
Miko:…-.-Okay why is Itachi obsessing over her and why does everybody like her?
Sakura fan: Because she is really pretty and isn’t fan girl for Sasuke and hello she is gothic that should scare everybody away and she is super cool and can do everything with ease and everybody she is already head doctor and she didn’t even half to try oh yeah Itachi feels sorry her because her parents hate her.
Miko: sounds like a Mary-sue…Why the hell is Itachi describing the Kiss?!?! O.o –vain twitch- Sakura fan girl: Don’t you know Itachi’s in love with Sakura after all everybody boys to gothicness
Miko:-twitch- I think its retard
Sakura fan girl: don’t like don’t read, it’s my story after all and I can do whatever I want
Miko: -grabs chain saw again-
Itachi:-struggling to Keep Miko down-
Sakura fan: Ita-kun why are you with that flamer who doesn’t know how to read and is completely rude to us amazing writers that can make Sakura a completely assume. I brought her to be with you.
Mary-sue Sakura: -touches Itachi’s arm- leave that nimrod alone.
Miko: -gets out of Itachi’s grasp- DON’T YOU DARE TOUCH HIM
-Miko chases fan girls-
Itachi: she’ll be back within the next hour
Well yeah that’s basically how people create Sakura as you can see I hate it. I hate OOC’s so damn much then they give me that damn excuse its (Fan) fiction I can do whatever I want yes people I have gotten that excuse before. Before you even throw that excuse let me ask you. Do “you” and I emphasize on the word you to let the fans know what fan fiction is. It’s taking your favorite characters and pairing them anyway “You” wants and creating whatever story “You” want. Not creating the characters personality as “You” would like. Then you just took the name of the characters and claimed them as yours, even with that disclaimer. As fellow author I find it rude when somebody OOC’s my characters it’s just plain disrespectful…
Following my OOC talk people who tease Sasuke and Sakura in their story or just plainly disrespecting them. YamiHigushi makes a great point in one of her chapters in Writing a Naruto Fanfiction this is how the author created the character leave them alone if you want tension between the characters go ahead. For those Sasuke haters (I’m one as well –sweat drop-) if you paired and character with Itachi please considered what Itachi would think of Sakura or your OC if she going on about Sasuke and teases him making comments on how weak he is and how she wishes he would die. I don’t think Itachi would be very happy after all he did care about him. Or if you made your OC tease Sakura all the time…Sakura is pretty hard headed I think she can stand up for herself and fight and I don’t think Sasuke will like your OC. Truthfully I hate Sakura but I’m going to still get her in character tension between Yuki and her…yes they are after the same guy but still Sakura will be in character. And as much as I hate Sasuke I’m going to get Yuki to tease him and joke around with. Please if you bashing characters you’re not going to get many fans or you’ll probably lose some.
For some strange reason I really hate the Half-Japanese s**t you writers put in your writing. I’m saying the whole “Kawaii”, “Hei” or everybody’s favorite “baka”. I hate it it’s such a noob thing to do and I suggest everybody to stay away from it.
The “fan girl” all of you know what fan girl I’m talking about that short skirt big boob bimbo that only wants any guy that has a p***s and is enemy of the main female character. Might I remind everybody that there is more than one girl out there, putting that fan girl in there means you have no creative ability. Seriously people it doesn’t take long to create a female character that isn’t a slut or isn’t after the only male in the story. Might I remind you I’m a fan girl for Itachi and I’m not wearing slutty clothing. It took me two seconds in Love Me True to create a fan girl for Itachi that wasn’t slutty. What type of fan girl she was? The type that gets hurt easily and cry’s too quickly (I created her with Hinata in mind.) Hinata a fan girl?!?! So is Sakura. Come on people let’s get over the typical fan girl and put more interesting characters instead of those brain dead character that is just all wrapped up in slutiness and evil.
(Well that’s all for now on things I hate)
Stories idea I have
Art is a…girl?!: Itachi Uchiha is dangerous he is tall dark and handsome but most of all mysterious. He is hiding so much and Yuki Hunnutsuka is curious to find about him before her clan begins the trade of drugs. She also wants to stay quite about herself so “he” wouldn’t find her. While Itachi finds it weird that people are being murdered like a fairytale/nurse rhyme. ItaxOC
Love Me True complete: Yuki hates school life she has been an outcast most of her life in school, what happens when Deidara begins talking to her and makes her school life more interesting and who is the mysterious flower giver? ItaXOC
100 theme challenge: A whole bunch of short stories with Itachi and Yuki.
Finding out: After a three year divorce Yuki final is over Itachi Uchiha and ready to settle in with her prince charming. Prince William of Thermoplais (made up island). What happens when a few college friends of our old lovers hear the news? What will they do to make sure Yuki and Itachi do get back together? (A combined story with my friend) Now renamed Unforgettable Truth
Yuki and the seven Akatsuki: A story following snow white and the seven dwarfs (it will be pretty close to a drabble)
The Devil's thrill: A thirteen year old prodigy who can play music just so beautifully but he has one devil of a secret that he doesn’t even know about… (A dark fic)
Bloody Moon: A sick twelve year old boy meets a beautiful vampire girl…who will come out to be the victor… (Another dark fic)
Ways to contact me:
Gaiaonline: Aya_darks girl
Youtube: Kuroshiyuki
DeviantArt: MikoYami
Freedom of Speech fanfiction: Miko_Yami<<<<------this site is currently down but I’m out a lot more than any other site.
Fanfiction.Net: Mikoyami
Quizilla: Catloverx123
(I’m willing to become your friend if you guys can find me)
Just for randomness, Katy’s Perry song E.T. reminds me of Yuki….odd.
Oh yes watch this video it makes me cry
Uchiha brothers - an Itachi tribute


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