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ColferKurtsie Report | 07/03/2010 2:36 pm
uuuuuh....both? xD; IDK
Well I saw a music player on my bother's profile, but I have no clue how he added that >3>;
Fine then, that means I can call you dork Thao from now on >:3
lol luckily I didn't get lost xD Thank goodness for the program guide~
ColferKurtsie Report | 07/01/2010 3:06 pm
Uh I don't think you can change the layout, but I know you can add stuff like a profile song, profile picture, other photos, video links, & I'm pretty sure there's other stuff I just don't know about since I barely joined awhile ago xD;

Pfft lol you are such a dork x'D Yeah I think you must've because that would a big difference from what I paid OAO; Yup that's what I think too, $35 is nothing ^w^
Oh man I so can't wait for tomorrow! >3< I just hope I don't get lost because that place is huge /orz
ColferKurtsie Report | 06/30/2010 9:25 pm
lol maybe if you add more stuff to your page it'll look better xD

Well of course you have to buy a ticket it's not free >u<; What it shouldn't be $60, I only paid $35 for mine D8; Are you talking about the 4 day ticket?
ColferKurtsie Report | 06/28/2010 4:02 pm
D'aww you should get one, I have one & it would be easier to talk to one another OuO Oh yeah & Tien has one too 8D
Aww man I wouldn't be able to make it D8; I'm going to the Anime Expo on Friday >w<;
ColferKurtsie Report | 06/21/2010 8:07 pm
Hey do you have a Facebook account? OwO
ColferKurtsie Report | 05/28/2010 9:54 am
Naw it's okay, I have some other stuff to do be doing anyway.
lol stealing candies from little kids, that is pure evil x'3
Yeah I checked & it's not -3- but all well guess I'll read it on mangafox OuO It's not too naruto-ish they have a bunch of different manga genres~*w*
-.- its not like i have never asked to hang out before. Actually I was always the one who asked to hang out D=
Hmm really? O3O; I think I only remember you asking to hang out that one time when we were supposed to eat at that restaurant, but at least I'll be able to see an old friend ^u^
Oh I have 7 cats now lol >w>;
ColferKurtsie Report | 05/17/2010 5:16 pm
Noooo that's not why, I just didn't wanna go do something by myself like a loner =3=; Yeah it doesn't seem like a bad deal, good luck with cleaning & make sure not to destroy any little kid's sandcastle xD
Ooh really sounds like my kinda manga~*w* I will definitely check it out, but do ya know if they'd have it on One Manga also? OuO
Also have you ever read the manga D.Gray-Man or Natsume Yuujincho? Those are two really awesome manga, you should read them! >w<
*GASP* Mikki is asking to hang out?! O:
lol kekeke~ ;D Sure I wouldn't mind hanging out sometime ^u^ Oh snap! That's right ya still have that souvenir for me huh (*A*)b
ColferKurtsie Report | 05/14/2010 6:33 pm
lol well of course they do! Teachers just love to make you squirm D8;
lmao if you're lovable & kind, then I'm a saint x'DD
Man she must be really lucky *A*;
Oh yeah I've heard of that, I was thinking of helping out with something but changed my mind hehe >w>;; Well that's good that you decided to try it, & yeah let me know how it goes ^u^
ColferKurtsie Report | 05/11/2010 4:10 pm
Yeah I guess it could be fun, but it seems like it could also be pretty boring & stressful =3=;
lol Oh man that is both sad & hilarious x'DD
Exactly D8 When I found out I was like 'FFFFFFFFF of course with my luck something like that would happen' U:<
Haha very funny, but NO I will be auntie -w-
I know I know, I would love to cosplay for the expo but can't Dx;
PFFFFT You Angelic?! O_o You can pass off as innocent but not angelic xD
Ooh really well that's awesome! (^w^)b and yeah getting something is better than nothing~
Oh wow $2500?! O: How lucky for her.
Well yeah I thought since the book was good the movie would be too, but I was terribly wrong :T
No prob OuO
ColferKurtsie Report | 05/08/2010 12:12 pm
Oh yeah thought I'd let you know they moved the carnival date up to the 14th, 15th, & 16th OuO;
Mikki O_o