Hi smile my name's Brooke and i'm 16 yrs. old! A little info about me is that i've played soccer since i was 4, i adore penguins, and i have a lot of great friends!!

My best friend nicole is the bookworm of the century! I call her pepper and she calls me salt because we are exact opposites! She loves avocado's and peachy o's and we practically live at each others houses biggrin

Well that's all you really need to know about me and my bff unless you add me!!


Not sure if I put this in my interests or not but every now and then I write some different poems. But here's one I really like:

:Little Flower:

Oh little flower
what do you seek?
To see the cold snow on
a high mountain peak?
To see bright fish in the
ocean so blue?
Or to hear baby
birds sing in a world
so new?
Oh little flower
what do you seek?
I know you want
to dive in and
just take
a peek.

Well that's it. Hope you like it smile