Music: I'm a fan of all types, country and rap get on my nerves though...

Reading: is the reason I'm still alive...not really but you get the drift...

The internet: is the greatest thing since sliced bread...

My friends: are always there

Poetry: listens to me when know one else does...lol but so does Mario...

The weather: is amazing I love rain and blizzards, its amazing how beautiful the world is when its covered in snow....

The Dramatic Arts: are always dear to me, along with the line, "Snlyving where have you put my pants?"...

Animals: are what makes the world beautiful, so don't abuse them...

Making fun of people is not right, since I myself am usualy on the wrong end of those agendas. Trust me, fat people may look funny, but chances are- I can kick your scrawny little a**.

I think light bulbs are fascinating.

If I could have any power it would be to fly.

My favorite song lyric is , "We've learn to run from anything in comfrtible. We've tied our pain below, and no one ever has to know that inside we're broken. I try to patch things up again, to kill my tears and kill these fears. But have I told you? Have I?"
-Miracle By: Paramore

I think that Harry Potter made a generation of kids think and wonder. ((AND THOSE BOOKS ARE THE s**t!))

Taking care of my doggie, my babby Jasmine! Who is my world.

So anyways thats all you really need to know at the moment...

Favorite Movies
-Harry Potter
-Phantom of the Opera
-Pirates of the Caribbean
-In The Land Of Women
-The Breakfast Club
-Dirty Dancing
-Across The Universe
-Dan In Real Life
-Sweeney Todd
-The Lion King

Favorite TV Shows
-The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy
-Foster's Home For Imaginary Friends
-Flight Of The Concords
-Comedy Central (In General)

Favorite Reads
-Harry Potter
-Cirque Du Freak
-The Guardians Of Time Trilogy
-The Conicals Of Narnia
-His Dark Materials
-The Twilight Series
-Maximum Ride
-World Weavers
-Poem Crazy
-Shakespeare (In General)
-Edgar Allen Poe (In General)
-Lovely Bones
-Firebirds Rising
-Louis Sachar (In General)

Favorite Music
(I'll go through whats on my iPod)
30 Seconds To Mars
Alkaline Trio
All American Rejects
American Hi-Fi
Aqua (Long Story)
Arctic Monkeys
Billy Talent
Blood Hound Gang
Chicago Soundtrack
Draco And The Malfoys
Fall Out Boy
Good Charlotte
Green Day
Harry And The Potters
Hawthorne Heights
Josh Tobin
Linkin Park
Maroon 5
Michell Branch
My Chemical Romance
Panic! At The Disco
Phantom Of The Opera Soundtrack
Pirates Of The Caribbean Soundtracks (I II III)
Plain White T's
Rent Soundtrack
System Of A Down
Dresden Dolls
The Fray
The Hush Sound
Three Days Grace
Vanessa Carlton

-Playing My Guitar
-Smelling Things
-Writing Songs, Stories, Poems
-Hanging with my HOMIES!


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I had a colenoscapy. Its considered a minor surgery.

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thanks for buying :]

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hey mikayla. awesome vampire. i have barely no moneys so i cant get cool stuff.

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Thanks. ^.^

Im twenty now.

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umm sort of..like its not only money^^

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kings umm..like sorry about my english

ahh its like goverment,you manage people [:

lords are not like that i guess xD people only

respect you thats all..you dont umm tell them

what to do or you know hehe can you understand =P

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lol maybe ^^ but..

being a king is not for me i guess[:
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Unspoken Paradise

Hi! Great avi! Love the Let It Snow on your avatar!
Unspoken Paradise

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Unspoken Paradise

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Have a great day!

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Lol, alrighty. : D


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