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"Knowing someone without knowing myself means i dont deserve to know anyone."


Stalkers OwO

What and who i am

My name is Emilio... but please, call me Mikaw. Im 18, I play the violin, I L-O-V-E music, I like the anime.

My favorite group is Haggard, the way they use the instruments its perfect.
I like almost all the geners, i like everything that has a good melody, and in cases good lyrics.

Well... I have seen few animes and all the animes that I've seen or Im seeing I've liked them, but my tow favorites are School Days and Blood

Things to eat or drink: xD
I dont have specific favorite meals, but I do have favorite drinks, I love the vanilla milk with suggar, or vanilla milkshakes, milk alone... I think I'll have calcium stones in my kidneys when I grow up... thats the bad side of it u_u I drink almost 2 or 3lts of milk per day :3
The type of food I most like is the italian and the greek, I love pitas and fetuccini alfredo.

The funniest and also my favorite movie I've seen is Benny & Joon... I loved it.

I don't read much I dont have the time to do so, but i like to read.
My favorites books are Tolkien's biggrin .

Things i like :3
*being a relaxed person*
*cool ppl biggrin *
*tell the truth*
*sex *¬* *
*Zelda (the game biggrin )*
*full moon*
*cats (im alergic thou u_u)*
*MUISIC!!!!!! >w<*
*honest ppl*
*Europe, specially England*
*draw (when im on the mood to biggrin )*
*play the violin*
*tacos!!! >.<*

Things i hate D:<
*ppl that makes bad actions (killing, raping, being a badass XD)
*the ppl that betrays me*
*german (idiom)*
*hurt the others*
*liver D:*

Btw... Mikaw is asking for donations or help to get the Nefarious Plumage, if you help, i will be happy n__n

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Unwanted intercourse Report | 08/01/2011 1:45 pm
Okays 4laugh
Unwanted intercourse Report | 08/01/2011 1:25 pm
9mil is a lot xD
/has no idea about business
Unwanted intercourse Report | 08/01/2011 1:18 pm
I'm jelly you has hydes bloodlust xD
lovemeforeverandeverbabe Report | 07/30/2011 5:23 pm
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FuzzyColors Report | 07/05/2011 6:10 am
Even though I see this on your profile when you told me you left her for me....I don't know what to think but all I know that it hurts and I still love you Mikaw <3
dxtoasty Report | 06/23/2011 9:12 pm
Mikaw! what hair cut do you have? i'm jealous! smile
Fuji Yin Report | 05/30/2011 7:49 am
Chu didnt text meh yesterday D: and i was up until 4a.m. u_u
Fuji misses chu lots too D:
Shirayama Kai Report | 05/24/2011 3:30 pm
Felicidadeeees!!!! biggrin
Fuji Yin Report | 05/24/2011 12:59 pm
Happy Birthday my love!! >w< <3
Aphrodite Romanov Report | 05/22/2011 2:47 pm
hahah pues bien dentro de lo que cabe xp estudiando y estudiando ke mas blaugh

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