I'm easy going, relaxed and nice! biggrin

The only time I'm totally oppostire of a nice person is when I don't care and want to piss you off for my own amusement. <333

In case of that, please don't be too butt hurt. It doesn't mean I hate you. Hell, I could even think you're a 'good person'! It just happens to mean that you did/said something at the wrong place and time (Right place, right time for me, though! biggrin ).

Generally, I only piss off people who come off as know-it-alls and are self rightous. For some reason that sets me off. So, usually, most religions set me off. The main ones are: Christianity, Islam, Judaism, in that order. biggrin

In case you are wondering, I'm not a maltheist, agnostic, or even a weak atheist. I'm atheist. Period. And you cannot convince me otherwise. :]

But other than the moods I get into. I'm safe to talk to if you practice respect. You respect me and I'll respect you.

When that respect is broken, I like to remind people to respect me. Most of the time this drives them away because no ones seems to get the concept of verbal respect with me. Some things I don't like talking about at certain times, or there might be things I don't feel like debating on, picking on me excessively (I can tolerate it most of the time, though), etc,. While I have a high tolerance for most things outside of religion, I don't 'sit and do nothing' for long. Eventually, the claws come out.

But, seriously. I am nice if you are! I respect you if you respect me! <3333333


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