i am 16 i like sports like basketball or baseball or football stuff like that and i have green eyes and brown hair i live i milwaukee wisconson i am 5"9 165 lbs i have a twin his name is zach my b-day is september 12th 1994 i was born at 10:53 pm during a football game i have another brother his name is bryan he is so annoying and i have friends that go on this site there names are... Rag_Gurl_4life, hotblonde4life25, hansomhunter, and deonta offical page 14 and hahaustank2011 and finally chucknorris2010 i like the WWE (world wrestling entertainment) and TNA (total nonstop action) and some other shows the school that i usedc to go to was Samuel Morse now i will be goig to wauwatosa west and my favorite bands are slipknot and the Sick Puppies i got a new laptop for my graduaution present i love gaia i have been on gaia since day 1 and i havent stopped playing i love everyone on this game well thats it bye bye.