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Gorenza Report | 02/15/2017 3:15 pm
Have I broken your want to RP?

Me thinks I am cursed.
Gorenza Report | 01/11/2017 11:50 pm
Oh noes, I finally got over that cold
I hope you feel well soon. heart
Dalish Delights Report | 02/21/2015 2:24 pm
Dalish Delights
Not even the sound helps. I'm Deaf. I have to guess stuff when they use the audio.
Dalish Delights Report | 02/21/2015 2:10 pm
Dalish Delights
Sadly I'm Deaf and the mic doesn't really capture the words I'm trying to say.
Dalish Delights Report | 02/21/2015 2:02 pm
Dalish Delights
Murdering me if I had any weaknesses other than directions it's probably verbs. I would love help though orz
Dalish Delights Report | 02/21/2015 1:25 pm
Dalish Delights
Welp at least I'm learning Italian like I dreamed of when I was into Hetalia... I miss playing my stupid Sicily OC, so much research I did.
Dalish Delights Report | 02/21/2015 12:05 pm
Dalish Delights
Drained no thanks to college. x.x
Dalish Delights Report | 02/21/2015 11:20 am
Dalish Delights
Hey it's been forever. Hoping you're doing well.
Dalish Delights Report | 05/31/2014 7:23 pm
Dalish Delights
Toxic for the trans "rights movement" crap where they feel entitled to call REAL Trans people "cis scum" jfc...

When is it my people's turn hmm? > __> Disability rights movement
Dalish Delights Report | 05/31/2014 7:18 pm
Dalish Delights
For half a year it's been like this. I can't really lay low except maybe go on my personal for a while?