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Eh, there's not much to say...I'm from California. And I'm kind of a nerd which has seemed to work for me so far. I love movies, too....Really love movies. So that's kind of me in a nutshell. Oh, and here's what I look like just in case you were curious.
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Oh, and I'm fully aware how ridiculous I look. And, no, I will not show you my picture, but I will give you an elaborate excuse why I won't.



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Seahaven Report | 08/01/2018 10:55 am
testing 1 2 3
Kaiser Quesadilla Report | 01/12/2018 3:20 pm
Did I say something weird, or whatever?
Kaiser Quesadilla Report | 01/10/2018 11:55 pm
Oh, pshaw! There's nothing to it! Just watch a few, and maybe pick up a book of Japanese short stories in a library somewhere, and you're on your way!

All I knew about Japanese culture until a while ago (ack! 17 years?) was Dragonball Z, Akira, that white actor neighbor in Breakfast at Tiffany's, and that Five Rings book. Then I met a classy dame, and we watched Kurosawa ... years later I've read Osamu Dazai, and really soften the eyes of some Japanese exchange girls at PSU as a cute side-effect, and a bunch of other short story collections (their hard-boiled detective fiction was excellent in the 40s and 50s!) ... and it all just eventually made a sort of sense to me.

cat_redface That's my tl;dr version.
Kaiser Quesadilla Report | 01/10/2018 11:40 pm
Nah, not really. I have a hell of a time choosing between Ran (I'm a King Lear guy, even named a cat Cordelia), Throne of Blood, and The Bad Sleep Well. What makes it so difficult is that they each stand on their own merits, but ultimately The Bad Sleeps Well because it's obscure, it's Mifune's first role, and it's different.
Kaiser Quesadilla Report | 01/10/2018 11:29 pm
Guilty as charged ... now if only Hitchcock had done a Cliff's Notes version of that tale ... cat_burning_eyes

Now I need to know, what's your fave Kurosawa?
Kaiser Quesadilla Report | 01/10/2018 11:17 pm
OMFG You're the best! You could weigh 400 lbs and covered in burlap and be gorgeous to me right now!

Okay, no, that whole Job act never makes anyone look their best. I agree with those self-limiting seterotypes; I weep damn near every Touched by an Angel episode I watch, which I do because I know damn good and well I could use some compassion and sensitivity training; I've grown way to cynical, morbid, and mercenary because of a rough life and dumb decisions, so I need to slough off some of that snake skin.

(I hate Andrew Lloyd Weber. You?)
Kaiser Quesadilla Report | 01/10/2018 11:00 pm
Any particular film genres you prefer? I'm kinda stuck in anachronism mode: I mostly watch movies and TV series from the silent era (still the best Metropolis, but the anime film wasn't so bad — silents are hard to translate onto film because they're more theatrical in performance) ... on up to the last of the great cheesy B scifi 80s flicks.
Roboken Report | 11/22/2017 2:43 am
i was browsing and immediately recognized your signature, i remember seeing you around the GD eons ago.
just a random hello, and thanks for giving me that happy kinda feeling you get when you see someone familiar around here. cuz yknow...gaia's kinda on life support. sweatdrop
seulpeumi Report | 10/16/2017 12:44 pm
It's amazing how I still remember you by your sig. It's been about 5-8 years, so that's awesome.

Nice to see you still posting!
Usagi Teatime Report | 06/29/2017 1:06 am
I'm getting used to everything. I swear, every time I move, I move somewhere hotter.
This. Heat. Can. Go. Suck. A. Toad.
And the place I moved into doesn't have air conditioning.


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Ain't I a dish?
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