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dr chicken bones Report | 01/16/2019 10:24 am
god damn ur avi is a spicccccyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
Sonic Candy Report | 10/06/2018 12:21 pm
Thanks for buying in my shop. heart
KillerCaitie Report | 09/06/2018 6:12 pm
Thank you! heart
Florida Love Report | 09/01/2018 8:06 pm
You're welcome!! A happiest of birthdays to my darling wifu! heart
Atnima Report | 08/28/2018 10:42 am
Thank you for buying in my store
Etheniel Devinuchi Report | 08/18/2018 9:43 am
Thank you <3
Etheniel Devinuchi Report | 08/16/2018 5:42 am
Yeah. They're slowly lowing in price. I've had to be patient since May when I built it. There's rumors of new card beeing announced later this month. We'll see.
Etheniel Devinuchi Report | 08/15/2018 5:37 pm
I used to play on both, but my laptop at the time died on me so I had to build my own, right now I'm still trying to get a graphics card so I can finish it all together, hence why I haven't been playing much the past few months.
Etheniel Devinuchi Report | 08/14/2018 4:38 pm
I played NV on PS3, so I have no idea how to even try to patch that outside of the automatic in game patches. lol
I think the same, to me Fallout 4 was a bit lacking to be honest.
Etheniel Devinuchi Report | 08/14/2018 3:30 pm
I started that game twice, I never seem to get myself to finish it. I loved the third one tho, I stopped trying to play New Vegas cause my game always glitch at the same point in the story and wouldn't let me progress further no matter how many times I uninstalled and reinstalled the game. I'm very interested in Fallout 76 tho, I might get it for PC.

Yeah I'm not a big Zelda

Booty Booty Everywhere!

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I am 25 years old. I live in sunny California, also known as HELL. For serious, when are we not on FIRE.

My birthday is September 1st. WHOO, I'm number 1! JK.

I like people, art of my avatar and I like gifting peeps.




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