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I never write anything because I rarely come on Gaia anymore.

Welcome to the midnight

First off, hello and thanks for wasting some valuable time here at my profile.

Uhh. Well, I don't really spend that much time here on Gaia anymore. Everything's about Gaia Cash and ... I got kind of burned out on the RIGS and all those shenanigans.

I go through little spouts. Sometimes I get really addicted to a forum for a while but then a chill down after a while. The forums I mainly like and prefer to hang around are Pokemon, GCD, SF, CB, and GD.

I like comments and PMs as long as they are nice. Also, don't beg me for gold or items. I DON'T DONATE SO PLEASE DON'T ASK. I'm sorry, that's just how it goes.




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-xDuztx- Report | 11/26/2010 9:08 am
Ah, that kinda sucks >.<"

So, how would you guys sleep? Is there a heavy curtain to block out the light?
-xDuztx- Report | 11/24/2010 9:37 am
Whoa! It gets dark around 4-5 for CT
-xDuztx- Report | 11/23/2010 5:23 pm
Alright!! xD

Well, it's currently 8:22Pm over here in Ct. And it's so dark outside D;
-xDuztx- Report | 11/23/2010 5:14 pm
-le gasp!- You're planning on going to JAPAN!!! :]]

May I ask permission to hide in your luggage?...
-xDuztx- Report | 11/23/2010 2:12 pm
I've been pretty good :]]

We haven't gotten snow, yet. And sometimes it's really cold, but I can handle it. I'm now a Junior in high school, and so far it's pretty easy. I just can't wait until I get to senior year. That way I can take a whole list of art classes, including band, English and AP French. Can't wait! :]

My whole senior life will basically be in the art building, but it's okay~ I really need to work on my art skills, so that I can become what I want to become. It'll take a long time, but it's okay. I have MANY career possibilities.
-xDuztx- Report | 11/22/2010 6:40 pm
Yea, it's been awhile xD

So, how's life treating you? I hope it's better since the last time we spoke to each other.
-xDuztx- Report | 11/22/2010 2:14 pm
Midnight! Remember me? :] I haven't been on in awhile.
lVl a t a e Report | 10/08/2010 8:00 am
lVl a t a e

xD Yea I think we all know Gaia has gone downhill

It wasn't the guild itself that kept it going for so long.

It was the people within the guild.
Everyone was very kind and always full of energy.
I really miss it sometimes. User Image
lVl a t a e Report | 10/07/2010 7:29 pm
lVl a t a e
Yep; we used to have a really big group of people.

I think most of them quit gaia though.
lVl a t a e Report | 10/07/2010 12:41 pm
lVl a t a e
I used to be Matake; the one that made the guild, but I got banned way back then, so I couldn't regain control of the guild, and I had no way of finding it again. User Image

You visit me? :3

yakko789 on 05/10/2021

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