You can never truly know who you can love
Friends fly away and never come back
We fight all our lives, we push and shove
Then have to run to pick up the slack

We can't help what we do in the end
Run around holes just to hit a brick wall
Hoping and praying the pain, it will mend
Wishing someone's there when you finally fall

Walking through memories, never look up
Afraid of the now, not the was and the then
When it's handed to you, drink from the cup
Then it's all over, for yourself you must fend

Shoved into space, cold and alone
The threads of your life slowly unravel
As you realize you've no place to be home
Shivering and staggering, slowly you travel

Say hello to all the people you meet
For the rest of your friends have gone
So many people overwhelming the street
Wondering where they've been for so long.


Well then, Hi everyone. I'm Midnight... some people call me Glory and I actually was called Mid the other day. Which was funny to say the least. Anyways.

I'm now only questing for a Coco Kitty Plushie because the wolf girl is wonderful and gave me a gwee. It's name is Leopold II and he is so cute!

Stick around for a bit and leave a comment. I love random hugs and comments, but if you randomly ask to be my friend I most likely will not accept. I like to actually know who you are first.

I love role playing! If you're in need of an RP buddy or more people in you rRP go ahead an PM me and I'll check it out! I started playing DnD when I was about 3 and my Dad's a role playing nut so it's in my blood.

Alrighty then. I'll see you around!



Fun stuff about me

- I wear eight rings four on my left four on my right and have four ear piercings.

- My hair and eyes change color depending on the weather and the season.

- I play flute, piccolo, alto and soprano saxophone, bassoon, and guitar. I've been playing the first two for 7 years.

- I own two short swords and 10 daggers.

- I am an archer, my bow is my baby and I break my arrows all the time.

-I'm primarily irish, german, and polish.

-I live in southern California and yes the weather really is as nice as they say it is.

-My two most favorite bands are Pink Floyd and Porcupine Tree.


You were always there beside me
Always there to guide me
You showed me how to be truthfull
You showed me how to love

You gave me your friendship
One of the best things I've had
You were true to me
And you cared for me
You may turn your cheek at me
But you always turn it back
You may walk away form me
But you always return
Without you I wouldn't be the same
For, you gave me your friendship
One of the best things I ever had

There are only about three people to whom this applies to. If you don't know if you are one, you probably aren't. You would know.


The Brain Barf.

Seriously, nothing really exciting goes here. Just random crap that I write when I'm bored... I mean, half of it I don't even write.


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Gaia is lame now!!!!

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Poo! you are so busy, I always want to call you mid-day then I forget to call you later when your not busy....

Call me! Im bored most of the time and I could use someone to talk to

so just give me a ring when your not busy or just plain bored

Im afraid to call your house phone, I dont know why, I just worry about bothering yer family everytime I wanna talk to you

and you never answer yer cellphone for some reason

but ya just wondering where ya been these last couple of weeks

btw: starting a DnD group is a b***h when you dont have everybodys contacts, catchya laterz User Image

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Fionaaaa x3

Cows and a "pretty" mermaid.

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hmm doesnt seem like you've gotton any good comments in awhile

and reading me be in a pissy mood aint all that great to read so

thought I would just come give ya some love

btw les has apparently gotton addicted to gaia once more so you might see me on every now and then

oh yeah we gotto make some plans or somethin'

thats all.....peace! (f334r my sp4ceing 4ction!)

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nice poem anyways User Image

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honestly I dont know what you think of me anymore, so I pessimistacly assume I'm not one of them, but I can also say that I can honestly assume that one of those 3 will never turn his cheek back to you again

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I'm in ur profile, leavin u a comments. xD

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Thank you for your purchase

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hey also hers a little link fer ya I'll turn it off private right now just fer ya xD lol


hmmm....thats it.......UNDER PRESSURE!!!!


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