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lisa66ed1988 Report | 01/19/2008 4:46 am
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HeavensAngel1426 Report | 08/17/2007 3:37 pm
CottonHeadedNinnyMugginz Report | 07/04/2007 12:51 pm
birdhouses Report | 06/11/2007 4:56 pm
hi new friend
CottonHeadedNinnyMugginz Report | 06/11/2007 10:45 am
Sunburned Vampire Report | 06/10/2007 3:13 pm
Sunburned Vampire
um who are you


Wassup ya'll?? This ya boi midnight aka Young Nique, but most of ya'll know me as the infamous ATL Playboi Mickey! or baby snoop. Im lik3 a Typa playa..but I aint, it jus sounds like that. I consider myself more of a ladiies man or pretty boy tho if i wanted to i could choose to b a player type. But i choose the less traveled road, and i decide to be honest around women. Uniqu3 huh?? Yea thas where i get tha name from. Yo itz ma name for a reason, so dun call me by nuthin else i dont care how well u think u know me. Lol , I was born in new york, but i was raised in atlanta. aiight nothin special. Im 16 years young, but wise enuff to be ya granpa. Got a swagger that'll make a girl leave they man in a heart-beat. Haha nah 4real Im a silly a** *****.. don't take too much in life personal cuz its too damn short to be stressin over ya diGg!! The type of kid that lovez to have fun.. Ugh,I hate beiin bored. Thas y i try to stay busy all the time. thas y i need m3 a lady (yea yea im single) i need her to keep me occupied.Don't get me wrong i aint lo0kin 4 no long a** commitment typa realtionship.. maybe more like tha best-friend type. I aint trynna get to0 serious with no-one yet because i wanna have fun. Interest...uhm, women!! lol 4real though Im like in love with females I think they the best thing that happened to this earth yo, without them..man, I dont think I'd be tha type of dude I am 2day. Whether skinny/fat/cute/ugly i still got love for you, thas REAL TALK. Most guys dont know how good they got it with these females man.. They givin' dudes like me a bad reputatioN. Like 4real if you aiin't really feelin a girl, dont go tellin her you love her and all that bullshiit. I mean 4real, I done had my heart broken a few times by these grimey a** females wantiin' to play wit a ***** heart Don't want nothiin' outta me but money and U know what.(sex) Still, that don't mean yall fellas gotta treat ya'll women like shyt.. cuz then they gonna leave yo a** and end up gettin personal with a guy like me. I dont know whut it is, but for some reason i can get very personal with a female, i mean i love that cuddling up s**t. Not just havin sex, you know just hother close and stuff. But even more than that i like havin fun wit my lady like pillow fighting, or wrestling in a swimmin po0l..(ya i did dat b4 and had sex in a swimming pool) Lol and i love watchin scary movies with gurls. She be all scared n shyt.. I b scared to0 but i cant show it.. L0L Then when they be knowiin howda play a videogame..awh man.. i dunno somethiin bout that make me like em'. <
well i been through alot durin theses 16 years of my life. 4 those that no me yall should no but if yall dont let me tell yall a lil bout me. well my mom died when i was 14 years old. My so-called dad tryin 2 come bac into my life after i didnt see him for 12 years.he tryn 2 gain my trust bac but he aint tryn hard enough. and i got a 6 month old son named markus. its more 2 my life story but i bet yall dont feel let readn it. well i think im a good person to be around i like to have fun go to movies mall skatin club and anything that got somethin to do wit havein fun im down wit it but dont get it twisted im nice to people dat nice to me but i dont take no s**t if u talk s**t imma talk s**t bac. if yall got somethin 2 say bout me dont talk behind my back say it 2 my face.if yall dont say it 2 my face that just shows how much of a punk u is.IF U WANNA NO MORE HOLLA AT ME!!

if yall wanna know wht kind of gurl i wanna meet well she have 2 have a good personality cant lie cant cheat gotta like 2 have fun and go 2 da club and be wit me through thick and thin no matter how rough it get they gotta understand da life i live she gotta be slow 2 take and quick 2 give whant some1 dat loves me despite my faults. just love me for me.cuz most of da girls round here only go by my good looks and yall wana say guys only go by looks but yall do da same thing.but i need some1 who walks da walk but also talks da talk and she gotta trust me despite what she heard she gotta trust me be4 anybody.if yall wana b wit me i ask most of da girls i date dis question.if i was wit some other chick and someone saw me and u asked me about and i said it wasnt me would u believe me or up and leave me? bcuz if u say u would leave me dat just shows dat our bond isnt deep if dats all it takes 4 u 2 b gone.and dat means we have no trust. well im a nice guy i stay faithful.if u wana no more send me a message