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About Me

My name is Michael. I play football, Basketball, and I rap. I am 5'11 and 14, just so you don't have to ask me. I am a natural Athlete, so Im told. I love rap and rock. Im 100% Straight and my best friend and only best friend, thats why it's called "best'', Is a girl, Jessica. i Love my best friend. I have no problem with gay people, I have friends that are. Want my number PM me but i have to know you well.

Name: Michael
D.O.B: January 23rd
Personality: You tell me
Lives In: Florida


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Roani_M Report | 07/20/2011 9:55 pm
hehehehe 4laugh thank you, right back at you
im here (:
Roani_M Report | 07/20/2011 6:24 pm
hehehe hi xp
The Broken Foxx Report | 07/19/2011 1:30 pm
The Broken Foxx
leans on tree -w- not mine his -points to a growling bear-
The Broken Foxx Report | 07/19/2011 12:57 pm
The Broken Foxx
thats good and what o:
The Broken Foxx Report | 07/19/2011 10:30 am
The Broken Foxx
aw ^- ^ thanks and good you?
The Broken Foxx Report | 07/18/2011 3:41 pm
The Broken Foxx
x3 at times neither can i
The Broken Foxx Report | 07/18/2011 9:39 am
The Broken Foxx
x3 from this to a wolf
The Broken Foxx Report | 07/17/2011 10:48 am
The Broken Foxx
lawl i get bored with avis x3 so i change and change but this one is a keeper :3
Amaku Kioku Report | 07/12/2011 5:27 pm
Amaku Kioku
Ah... Now I remember..... And it was a year and a half. May, Maya, Mayu, ring any bells, Sherlock?
Amaku Kioku Report | 07/12/2011 3:43 pm
Amaku Kioku
Hm.... Oy, I know you, don't I?
Never again am I going through my comments....
Uhm, you mind refreashing my memory of who you are, exactly?

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