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RevvRaptor Report | 03/14/2017 3:23 pm
Too much is new with me, all the usual insanity one would expect XD
RevvRaptor Report | 03/13/2017 10:57 pm
I'm not quite Shadow, but I'll steal aggro all the same emotion_awesome

Would you believe me if I said I never left? I've been here the whole time causing my usual shenanigans until Lanzer took back over XD
RevvRaptor Report | 03/13/2017 12:54 pm
*aggros all the mobs just for one chest, which also causes the Grue to arrive* emotion_awesome
luze Report | 03/13/2017 11:27 am
michi 2 spots gr, wanna join? ^^
luze Report | 01/22/2017 9:29 am
hiiii michi biggrin <3 !! online and ready to play! xD if only...
TheGuardianofHalloween Report | 11/03/2015 7:42 pm
This is Halloween...

Thank you for buying my item! whee

Halloween, Halloween...
wateryfae Report | 09/29/2015 4:37 pm
Thank you for your patronage
Dino-Ash Report | 08/04/2014 12:16 pm
Never thatttt. lol
Seriously, though he's the best.
Hopefully we can catch up sometime!
We just bought a new computer over the weekend, so if my schedule permits I'm going to try and get on a little more often than once every few months. xd
Dino-Ash Report | 08/04/2014 12:06 pm
Just saw your comment!
Thank you sooo much! heart heart
Married life isn't much different though, men are still a pain in the butt, but now he's "legally" my pain. rofl
Frozen Chrysalis Report | 06/17/2014 8:40 am
Thanks for buying heart

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