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Michiko is my screen name.
I have black hair with brown highlights. I'm 162cm, meaning I'm tall for being asian. I'm still waiting for my high school debut, and hopefully get someone hotter than Yoh. Someone more like Izaya. But taller.
I'm Filipino, Japanese, and Chinese, though I've never been in Asia. Sadness.
I move/travel alot. I lived in CA, VA, and TX. I lived in Italy for 6 years. I've been to France, Greece, Spain, Portugal, and Germany. MORE, but can't think of them right now.
I love yaoi, hate yuri. (BUT I did read girlfriends which is considered Yuri on MangaFOX, and loved it. The girls were uber kawaii) I think it's gross how the girls have to stick a mechanical machine in each other for "pleasure". With guys, they have the REAL thing, that they stick in each other's butt. Plus its easiar to suck. Gosh, I'm super perverted. biggrin
I like it if the uke is innocent, I guess. Kinda like Misaki in Junjou Romantica, which is my FAVE manga of all time. The anime sucks.
I don't really care about the seme, but if I had to pick my fave, it'd be Nowakii from Junjou Romantica. But I would not like it if Misaki and Nowaki got together. That would be horrible pairing.
If you guys didn't notice yet, I'm a fujoshi. Yup. I love yaoi. Gay sex. Man on Man. Butt SEX. a**l.
For me, it's super hot!!!!
I'm also a shoujo otaku and kawaii otaku. Yuppi-dee, I love cute things.


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My screen name's Michiko. I'm filipino, japanese, and chinese. I'm way past the otaku stage, and am now a fujoshi!! My site:




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Screw cookies. The dark side has Yaoi ... and FAT ASIANS! whee

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