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My favourite Anime movie uhh has to be.. Final fantasy.}
uhmm.. I like uh star wars clone wars and The hustle
and stuff..}

My fav manga is uhh..Pita Ten it's a romantic comedy:
Kotarou Chan is a lonely lonely boy. His mother died when he was young and his father is always busy at work, leaving home early and only stopping by at home late at night for dinner. Sometimes, he doesn't even stop by home. No wonder why Kotarou feels lonely. Same routine, day in, day out; cooking cleaning and studying for his major exam. Today is no different; he closes the door of his house, ready to leave for school when-- What?? What's that? ... GO OUT WITH HIM??!!

A girl called Misha shows herself to Kotarou that fateful day and asks him out. She even joins him at school and eventually introduces herself as his new neighbour. Everything is fine and dandy, the only problem being Misha, for some reason, seems to be OBSESSED with stalking Kotarou, to the extent Kotarou's best female friend in school, Koboshi (who has a major crush on Kotarou himself), is driven mad with jeaousy and envy. The plot of the story thickens as Shia, a mysterious girl who gives Kotarou and Misha strange headaches (literally!) appears and Misha reveals to Kotarou that she's an angel who wants to be his mama (Kotarou actually refuses this preposition)! Eventually, the questions which lie in the manga is "Who is in Love with Who??", "The mysterious pasts of Shia and Misha" and "What about our poor main character Kotarou??" A tangled love triangle is formed between every single character in the manga, and the mysterious 2 girls Shia and Misha seem to grow even more mysterious as we go deeper into the story. And Kotarou, who used to be lonely and task-oriented, had his whole life turned upside down!! And I guess the moral of THIS story is be happy with the little you have, or you might have your life turned topsy turvy..!}

OH AND Strawberry marshmallow..It too is a romantic
Nobue Itoh usually preys on her little sister Chika when she needs cigarette money, but it often leads to unexpected misadventures with Chika and her friends. On the eve of Nobue's birthday, Chika invites over rambunctious Miu and dopey Matsuri to work on a present, but it quickly turns into a challenge in staying awake. Later on they meet Ana, a foreigner who—strangely enough—knows Japanese better than English. Ana's language woes mount when she tries to pass herself off as an English speaker, but that's nothing compared to the awkwardness of having the other girls visit her house. Nobue, meanwhile, is in for her own dose of embarrassment when Miu and the gang discover her part-time job.}

There That's it...}
I Wuv Wuv Wuv Baseball, Singin' Drawin' Anime and writin'!}