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s**t I'm Wearing


This is Noise.

So, about me. Who am I?
Well, as far as Gaia is concerned, I'm Miakou.
Period, the end.
If I like you, I might let you know my name.
If not, oh well.
If you want to know more, you can ask.
Which doesn't mean I'll answer.

A Few Things You Might Want to Know
*I love all things related to being an intellectual snob.*
*I'm a cynic, by product of a few progenies and a bad attitude.*
*I'm more than happy telling you to go suck a ********.*
*I could probably tell you how to, as well.*
*I'm jaded, I'm self-centered, and I'm better than you.*
*Get over it.*
*I'm a music-fiend.*
*My music is, more than likely, better than yours.*
*If not, I'll pirate yours, and not admit it.*

Speaking of Music!
These artists are the s**t!
Alkaline Trio
Astor Piazzolla
Aleksandr Scriabin
Bela Bartok
The Black Heart Rebellion
Cold War Kids
The Decemberists
Dream Theater
Elliott Smith
Fallen From the Sky
Fever Ray
The Knife
Man Man
Pink Floyd
Samuel Barber
Straylight Run
Sergei Rachmaninov
We Were Promised Jetpacks
The xx


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N Justin Gabriel Report | 10/02/2010 8:44 pm
Hey Can i plzzzzz giv you 330k for Lusty?
tiger amber Report | 04/15/2009 7:09 am
happy B-day
Drander Report | 04/05/2009 10:57 pm
Well, son of a b***h. My diabolical plan was foiled XD
Necromacide Report | 03/30/2009 9:29 am
Awww, it kinda made me happy when you didn't reply User Image I started feeling really bad because I kept you awake for so long! User Image

Well, I understand where the whole no sex before marriage-deal comes from. See, I had my first time with a guy who basically took advantage of the fact that I had a crush on him, and it was a horrible experience to realize that. Looking back now, I wished I had saved it up for my boyfriend, but there's no way to change that. It makes me sad to think that I've had it with someone else, while he swore to only ever have sex with me and never, in his entire life, touch another woman. I mean... Wow! I so wished that I could promise him the same thing, but my stupidity kinda ruined that for me. *sigh* But maybe that's just me, because I love him more than anything, and I feel so incomplete without him. Maybe other people don't have a problem with changing their partners more often and don't feel as guilty as I do. It's hard to explain...

Yeah. I really like the concept of Christianity. The 10 comandments seem like an awesome summary of all our laws today, even though I could never manage living up to them. But they motivate you to be a good person, and that's important. I also like the stories about Jesus. He actually helped people out of situations they couldn't handle by themselves! That's a good thing. So I don't really have a whole lot of problems with the bible. I dislike the myth of creation, granted, but many things really make sense. BUT I have a problem with the way people today twist everything about God into stupid rules. "You'll go to hellllll!!!!" has become so old, I don't even care anymore. My grandma still thinks that piercings, tattoos and the internet were created by the devil to fry our brains! I mean - what? I once dared telling her that there are christian websites on the internet, and she downright freaked out. She wouldn't even look at me for a whole two months! User Image

But here's why she's still pissed with me, and everytime this comes up, my grandma really goes crazy: I wanted a piercing. And... I wanted it BADLY! Now, I was 15 at the time, and my parents told me that they wouldn't support me whatsoever, but if I found a way, I was free to do as I liked. (They knew that out of protest, I'd pierced my ear before when they wouldn't let me go to a professional) So one day my grandparents went to this city with me, and I had called the piercer who had his parlor there, so he thought it was okay with my parents. Of course I didn't tell my grandparents about my plans User Image And so I went into the tattoo parlor and got pierced while they were having a heart attack outside but were afraid to go in. User Image Good times! User Image

Heh. I just thought... So if masturbation is wrong... Ain't it even worse if a girl touches a p***s? I mean... That would make sex nearly impossible! User Image But I guess I'm just dirty-minded after all User Image
Necromacide Report | 03/29/2009 9:00 am
Awww, you should spend more time on gaia and maybe drop a line in my profile every now and then User Image You're fun talking to! User Image Even though I really think that you should go to bed, but you'll probably disagree anyway, so I'm not even gonna try. User Image

Yeah, I was raised baptist too, and my parents are really strict about it. See, I've been with my boyfriend for more than 2 years now, we never broke up before and hardly ever fight... It's a really good relationship. My parents like him! User Image I mean, they seriously do! But still, they won't let him sleep in my room, and what's even worse, they're always putting him in the basement! All by himself! "No, you can't stay in the same room at night, wait until you're married, then we'll let you." They also claim to have been a couple for 10 years before they got married and want me to believe that they first started having sex when they were married. I'm... I'm just not sure if I should believe it or not. It sounds stupid, and they both know that we're still doing it. I mean, it's my body after all, right? *sigh* My mom also hates homosexuals! I mean, how can she be all like: "It's not natural!!!" when she doesn't even have any friends who are homosexuals to talk to? She doesn't know anything. She just assumes that because it's in the bible, it's all wrong. Even though these people feel real love for each other, not just hornyness like she thinks... -_-

So yeah, church is all crazy rules for me. Don't do this, don't do that. Spend all your money on the church. Jesus hates it when you masturbate. ORLY? Then he shouldn't have made me so I CAN. -_- Buncha ******** if you ask me. Meh. Religion is probably one of those topics I get really pissed about.

Well, I'm sorry if I came off mean, but I really think that it's hilarious User Image I imagined some guy training the damn thing for weeks to attack exactly that person, and then slipping him in User Image I mean, wow. I'd do that anytime! User Image
Necromacide Report | 03/29/2009 7:47 am
Bwahahaha, I guess that was a lot of fun User Image Damn, a good punch is so hard to resist User Image

But I, um... See, I never had American beer to begin with. I was 17 then, and if I'd been found out about, it would have meant that I'd have to go home right away for not following the laws. Plus, I have to admit that I don't know much about mormons, really. I had to go to a weird church with my host family though. Bunch of hypocrites, it was horrible! It has spoiled the fun of church for me ever since. I haven't entered a church since I came back.

Wow, why would a bobcat even come into a bar? I mean, don't they live, like, in the wilderness and are afraid of people? User Image It sounds kinda funny though just hearing about it *snicker*
Necromacide Report | 03/29/2009 7:09 am
I know, it's also because champagne contains a lot more sugar than beer or wine. That adds to it, too. It's one of the reasons why I never drink more than one glass of it. Except if it's in a punch... With cherry juice and peaches and pieces of pineapple... Yuuuummmeeeee.....

Heh, but with American kids, you never know if they're kidding or not. My friends would get wasted for fun all the time and thought I was lame because I didn't wanna join them User Image They never got why someone from beer country wouldn't wanna be drunk! User Image

Haha, so if you wanna do your girl a favor, no beer before sex. My friend told her guy that if he ever had beer again, she was not gonna have sex with him whatsoever... Those are the good side effects of education, hahaha User Image

Arizona, huh? From what I saw when I was at the airport, it's extremely pretty over there User Image I really love how there are mountains all around, just like in Vegas. I wished we had that here, but then again, I'm not very fond of all the vicious animals you guys have over there... Spiders, snakes, scorpions... Eww.
Necromacide Report | 03/29/2009 6:46 am
No, wait. I hate being drunk, I seriously do! User Image I don't like losing control like that, and I only drink a bit of this special champagne because it tastes so good. Having champagne just to get drunk would be SUCH a waste! User Image Also, wine goes well with certain types of pasta or meat, which I enjoy cooking for the family. User Image It's just... Well, we dine in style (sometimes). User Image

LOL @ the sperm thingie. But it's true! I mean, you have better means than I do to try that out, I guess. My best friend would always complain about her boyfriend's sperm smelling funny sometimes, and I told her it was because he's had a beer that night. She was all like, wait, I gotta see if that's true. And it was User Image

Ah... German. It's hard, I guess... Yeah, did you ever wonder why there are words in English like "firecracker" that are just one word, but really, there's "fire", and then there's "cracker". So why not call it "fire cracker"? That's how German nouns work. If you have two nouns in a row that belong together, you make one out of them User Image
Necromacide Report | 03/29/2009 6:23 am
So now you think that just because I'm German, I'd be sad if you guys spill beer? Psh. I hate beer, in any and all of it forms. It tastes gross and makes sperm stink. Eww! I'd rather have a glass of champagne or some red wine while watching the stars... Awww... ^^ (I hate sauerkraut and bratwurst too, by the way)

But yeah, we have those spinning ones, too. They're called kiddy-crackers because little kids usually have them. The older kids (call them teens if you will) usually have the polish firecrackers. They often run around and stick them in people's mailboxes for fun, which is retarded. -_- They once blew up our neighbors mailbox wich had a whole bunch of letters in it, too. The old lady was on vacation for a week...

Oh yeah, I think my brothers tried different kinds of pipes before, but I was fortunate enough to not be around for that kind of fun because it what the year I spent in the US. But I got really scared and had to call my mom to make sure my brothers hadn't blown themselves up in the process. They were burnt, but all right ^^

About the toilet paper tube thingie: I just realized that there isn't a German word for that either, even though we have words for all kinds of stupid things, hehe.
Necromacide Report | 03/29/2009 5:58 am
Well, the only time we are allowed to have fireworks is for new year's. They're pretty and everything, like with all the colorful, twinking stars high up in the air, but that's about as badass as a firework will get here.

Now. The firecrackers on the other hand CAN be lots of fun. See, I live really close to the border of Poland, so that's where many people buy 'em. But polish people are just jerks in general, selling firecrackers with real gunpowder in them! User Image My retarded brothers will open those up, put all the gunpowder in a... what's the word for the paper tube that gets left over when you use up all the toilet paper that's wrapped around it? Meh, anyways. They put in allllll the gunpowder they can get, then they cut off the heads of half a million matches or something, put them in, shake, wrap paper around the whole thing, set it on fire and RUN! User Image

And then it goes BOOM. User Image

******** s**t

-"Look at the dichotomy! Magic future-box I pulled out of my pocket--or old dead past..."
-"Old dead past told me when they close before your future-box."
[******** you."


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