Miaka Ookami


Registered: 06/15/2009

Gender: Female

Birthday: 05/03


Name: Miaka Ookami (it means beautiful red wolf)

Ninja rank: one of the elite anbu black op captains of team moon (I’m the captain of team Akai Tsuki)

Hobbies: drawing, singing, listening to music, writing stories with my friends, being ninja cat_ninja , eating people, and taking my dogs for a long walk.

Favorite animals: the wolf (I love wolves), cats, and Siberian Huskies (because they look like wolves)

Pets: I have a black cat named Melmel she is 20 -21 years old

Siblings on gaia: Kanojo Kitsune (older sister), Kagayaku Okami (little brother), Ninja Kame and Zigzagbow (they are my two youngest brothers they are twins)

Best/ closest friends on gaia: SilverSheWolf722 (my master), hoshi-chan1324 (my padawan), TeamXJacobBlack, and fed425,

Favorite manga/animes: Naruto (is my first favorite), Death Note, Fruits Basket, The Bride Of The Water God, Clannad, Naausicaa Of The Valley Of The Wind, Princess Mononoke, My Neighbor Totoro, Howl's Moving Castle, Ponyo, Kiki's Delivery Service, Tales From Earthsea, Whisper Of The Heart, and The Cat Returns, Gankutsuou, Soul Eater.

Favorite manga/anime character: Kakashi Hatake emotion_yatta

Favorite Books (non anime): Nightworld series, and some of the chicken soup books, Howl’s Moving Castle, Fairest, and the Count of Monte Cristo.

Favorite non anime movies: Star wars, Ever After, Dragonheart, The Sound Of Music, The King And I (yes i love musicals don't judge me razz ), Titanic, some of the Muppet movies, Jurassic Park 1 and 3, and War Of The Worlds, the Jungle Book (2016), most of the Disney classics,

Favorite colors: blue, purple, and blue green.

Things I hate: the colors yellow and pink, the Twilight series, bugs and spiders, and strawberry jello.

Other interesting facts about me: SilverSheWolf722 and I have been (and still are) writing stories and I finally have some of one up on fanfiction.net if you want to know more or read it please don’t be afraid to ask I don’t bite………………. Much emotion_omnomnom

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Naruto Tailed Beast Counting Song

Kakashi isn't David Bowie

Shirayuki Kitsune
Kagayaku Okami
Ninja Kame

I is ninja!!!

This is hoshi-chan my wonderful padawan!

This is fed425 another one of my other best friends who put up with me at Snow Canyon!

This is my little brother Kagayaku Okami

this is SilverSheWolf722 my master and best friend!

These two are Zigzagbo and Ninja Kame they are my youngest brothers (yes they are twins)

This is Shirayuki Kitsune my older sister