Hey, I'm Mhir. I used to go by "Flamaeo/Flammy" but that got old, and now I'm Mhir.

Um...about me? Well, I'm 17, live in the southern US. I'm learning to play the violin. I've been playing since December 2005. I love to dance, cosplay, do Civil War reenacting, (I was born 155 years too late, ya know.) I'm also into Anime, manga, video games, roleplaying, the internet and just fun stuff like that. I enjoy examining people's personalities. I'm going to a local college this year, and will be majoring in music I think, once I get to a bigger school. I do a little HTML programming and graphics stuff for fun. I currently don't have a job right now, but I'm being trained to be a music teacher.

I'm a pretty laid back person, generally, but I do have a semi-short fuse, and I don't like it when people trash something I like, especially when they know I like it. I'm pretty crazy, and I can be a little too nice. I have a tendency to obsess over people, and that's something I wish I didn't do. I also get paranoid, and can be very moody/depressed about stuff. I try not to show it, but with some it's obvious.

I'm also obsessed with Final Fantasy games, and Lunar games, I love to read Victorian literature. Enough about my personality.

Video Games
Final Fantasy
Kingdom Hearts
Japanese music
Classical music
Attention xD
Civil War Reenacting
Lots of other things

Conceited people
being ignored
Feeling left out
Getting dirty looks
Feeling stupid
Other things


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::Mhir's Randomeh::

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THIS IS MY JOURNAL. MY RANTS, RAVES, TEARS, FEARS, LOVE, HATE, and all that jazz. If you cannot deal with it. GET. OUT. OF. MY. JOURNAL.


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AJ Hattori

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AJ Hattori

I'd like to make an offer on the omg hat
Pas De Visage

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Pas De Visage

Hi sweets. Curious, would you trade your OMG for my horns and scarf?
l S0ULS l V3

Report | 06/27/2013 5:07 pm

l S0ULS l V3

omg please reply xD im so desperate for your golden laurels gonk

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*poke* 3nodding

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I want to donate to you, but you haven't been on since April sad
Talented Azz

Report | 08/08/2009 7:54 pm

Talented Azz

Hello. How are you today? I am here to tell you about a little guild that I know. It's called the Society of Friends. You can't have too many friends right? Friends are there when you are feeling blue. They are there when you are happy, and they are even there when you do something stupid. There to laugh with you and in some cases, at you. Friends are your reality check. They keep you grounded and in this world of chaos, they keep you sane. So join our circle of friends, and never laugh alone again.

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Relm Arrowni

Report | 06/02/2009 11:16 pm

Relm Arrowni

^-^ A random hello from someone you don't know. ^-^

*wavies* So hi! *wavies*

whee Cute avatar! whee

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Mhhhiiiiiirrrr User Image User Image

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I miss Mhir-luff D:


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