--General Information--
Real Name: I'm know as Chibi but my real name is Rebecca
Gender:Female.. DUH
Zodiac Sign: Horse
Astr. Sign: Aries
Grade in School: 11th grader
Country: United States of America, though I wish to live in Japan
This is meh
User Image
Hair color: Black with purple high lights
Eye color: sky blue that changes different shades of blue
Skin color: Pale tan
Height: 5'1"
Weight: 117
Shoe size: size 6
[Stereo type: Part time Goth and tomboy

Food: Sunflower seeds, fruit, veggies, and pizza
Drink: I would say a tall strawberry and cream from star bucks.
Color: Black and blue
Anime: Wolf's Rain.
Book: Scary stuff, manga's and so on...
Roleplay: Ah I love wolf roleplays, I love ramance roleplays, Fantasy roleplays and scary roleplays.
Movie: Silent Hill is my favorite at the moment.
Animal: Wolves.
Cheza Lullaby-Wolf rain
Why does it rain-Unknown
Your be in my heart-Unknown
Angel-Sarha Mclachlan
Gravity-Wolf rain
Where is the love-Black eyes peas
Everything burns-Ben Moody ft. Anastacia
Foolish dreamer-Yoko Ishida
Howls moving castle theme-Unknown
Yakusoku-Yui horie
Only hope-Mandy Moore
Ice queen-Within Temptation
Listen to your heart-Dht
Everytime we touch-Cascade
Forgive me- Evanescences
Listen to the rain-Evanescences
Jillian-Within temptation
Headstrong- Trapt
How did this happen to me-Simple plan
Wake me up-Evanescences
If only tears could bring you back-Midnight sons
Music box-Silent Hill 2
Room of Angels(Silent hill 4 theme)-Akira Yamaoka
Sympathy page-With broken wings
Kriptonite-3 doors down
Here without you-3 doors down
Feel good INC-The gorrillaz
Let me be with you(Chobits theme)-Unknown
DDR(Love hina theme)-Unknown
To love's end(Inuyasha)-Unknown
Saltydog-Flogging Molly
Vindicated-Dashboard confessionals
You raise me up- Westlife
Bad day-Daniel Powter
Friends-Chihiro Yonekura
Piano Sonata 'Illusion' (Ah! my goddess)-Unknown
When I'm gone-Eminem
T.v. show: Simpsions
Video game: Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy.

Least favorite food: I don't think I have any lol
Least favorite drink: Ginger Ale
Least favorite color: Yellow
Least fovorite anime: I don't think I have any lol.
Least favorite Book: IDK
Least favorite movie: IDK
Least favorite T.V show: That 70's show
Least favorite singer/band: none

I like to play guitar although I'm still learning about it, I love to draw, I love to watch anime, I love to roleplay. I love to write alot. I love to read.

((I will add more later.))


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The Uknown One

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The Uknown One


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we are a little simalar...

i like black and blue

and i also like wolves!

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hey becca this is kevin from edison otherwise known as HIM_DF_MM_Fan123 anyways my old account was banned for no reason

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Lady Caedes

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Lady Caedes

Hey, thanks for the comment on my Youtube vid (the graveyard one). I would've comment on your youtube profile but I saw that you had a gaia too and I'm like, Yay! Another gaia whore!

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say hi when ur on damn

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Now I know this is gonna be stuck in my head for days!
Curse you Rebecca!

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love the video beka

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hey which wolf's rain character do you like the most?