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Oh no! Mew Aiara has been H A C K E D ! o;

Ha ha! I'm just kidding! ;D
Aiara is not being hacked, I'm just pimpin' out her profile. :B
So no worries.

I, White Rose, give this profile the Official Stamp of Pimp and Awesomeness!

End of Hacking.

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HIYA!!!! you can call me aira!!!
i love: music, me friends, animals, reading manga and the house of night series, wicca, me hair, the internet, and RANSOMNESS!!!!!!

not so much: MATH, nagging, dullness, people that hate dancing, people that hate music, meanies, people that think i worship the devil, ect. i get mad easily ^.^

fav word: uber!!

fav movie: v for vendeta

fav song: i dont have one i love all but rap (ok some rap)

want to know more you say.... ok just ask i have nothin to hide ^.^