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Well, I really don't like to talk about myself, at least nothing anyone is interested in. What I will say, is that the avatar lies, and I'm actually female. I'm also a major freak when it comes to the Xenosaga games, and enjoy drawing and writing.


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Bittersweet Sundown Report | 12/23/2010 2:28 pm
Bittersweet Sundown
Thank you for buying
Crimson Night Mistress Report | 11/12/2009 3:05 pm
Crimson Night Mistress
ty for buying, pls enjoy ur purchase ^^
BVTennis-club Report | 11/12/2009 3:58 am
thanks for buying ^^
High-Fly17 Report | 11/01/2009 8:20 pm
will you please follow me m'lord
Felix B. Hellsings Report | 05/11/2009 3:00 pm
Felix B. Hellsings
Thanks for Purchasing Skittles Crazy Core Facepaint (mango peach) from my Shop! Enjoy and Have A Good Day/Night!
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Tribor Report | 01/30/2009 8:48 pm
Tribor keeps thinking your shooting star background is glowing fish D:
Sennari Report | 01/13/2009 5:28 pm
xD yeah

me and my friends think shes a whore >>;

I hate her, she was okay in Xenosaga 1, but then she just got realllly annoying User Image

So was Kevin, he was annoying too xD
Sennari Report | 01/13/2009 5:22 pm
xD I know

As weird as it sounds, most of the anime guys I like look like little kids

I always like redheads that are just..stupid and act dumb at times xD Jr does sometimes in the games (Mainly Xeno 3)

Yeah xD stupid Shion

It's creepy since the cover of the anime DVD makes it look so Yuri-ish between them

Shion can go die ._. Lol
Sennari Report | 01/13/2009 5:13 pm
xD I don't really like Kosmos past xenosaga 1

she looks too..slutty sometimes xD

and Whilem annoys me xD He's too..weird ._. He always looked like a Kid to me xD

He did look nice in xeno 3, well..they all did

I love Jr in xeno 3, and his swimsuit was just AMAZING xD

Yeah his Deep voice scared me at first

Then I was all "I hope they didn't change Jr's voice" lol.

I think his 3rd game voice is the best..but I like his 1st game one for some reason xD
Sennari Report | 01/13/2009 4:51 pm
xD I suppose

He was weird in Xeno 2 because of his voice and small looking eyes xD But I liked him the most in the 1st game

They shouldn't have changed his voice so much.. I'm glad Jr's never did (excluding the anime)

Yay you use Jr xD

I love him so much > o<'' My friend got me a Pin with him on it (from xeno 1) User Image

and she got a chaos one xD