I've been a member of this site since '04. In the past, I lurked in the GCD, SF, and AT. And I have no idea what I'm still doing here and I take this website way too seriously. If you want to know more about me (why?)--shoot me a pm or something.

No random friend requests, please! If we haven't chatted, I won't approve it--sorry about that!


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Decaying Artist

Report | 03/16/2018 6:04 pm

Decaying Artist

"overbearingly cute" lmao i love that
maybe try some tea before bed?
yeah i know that feeling my schedule was completely upsidedown for 2 weeks sad
its so hard, i had to force myself to remain asleep/go back to sleep at like 2/3 am
and the longer u let it go on, the harder it gets
Decaying Artist

Report | 03/16/2018 5:52 pm

Decaying Artist

no no i think the face is perfect
gives off that "innocent but not kawaii" vibe
dw abt it, if anyone understands that feeling, its ME User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
Decaying Artist

Report | 03/16/2018 4:58 pm

Decaying Artist

omg ur avatar is soooo cute

Report | 03/15/2018 7:09 pm


Lol. Okay thank you! x3 <3
You're welcome. biggrin I'm so happy I did! So soo happyyy. emotion_hug
You're such a kind person. It's sad to know you're going or went through some dark times. sad emotion_hug emotion_hug emotion_hug
You're welcome!~ ; A; I need like a biiiiggggg giiiiiaanntttttttt HUGGING emoticon!!!! These emotes don't express enough. Lol.
Omg really?! Ahahahaha. That is funny! I guess it was fate! Meant to be! Lol. <3 I don't even remember where I saw you! xD But now I want to remember.
Oh no... If you haven't hidden anything then your's is not long at all... I reached 1k once and I've been slowly deleting and adding... So I'm probably still close to 1k. Lol.
I have so much hidden, you would not want to see. xD
But I've been meaning to message you about updating your wishlist! Lol. So you should really update it.
I shall cross it for you too! You're welcome! emotion_bigheart

Report | 03/15/2018 5:02 pm


Lol. No it's okay. I'll wait until I'm desperate! XD
Aww, even in the dark times, you were so nice to me! ; ^; I'm glad to have been able to help a tiny bit! emotion_hug emotion_hug emotion_hug emotion_kiss
Thank you. >.< emotion_bigheart Yes, we were! biggrin But you were the one that first showed kindness! <333 So you're special to me too!
I had just recently came back around that time too and you were so helpful and kind. emotion_bigheart Thank you!
Aw. Ahaha. I'm glad then! So glad I asked you. <3
Lol. No I can finally remove it on my list. I forget to check my wishlist sometimes, so thank you for gifting it! biggrin
I agree. Lol. I always try to buy the exclusives unless I'm poor and don't really like them. xD
Yes. Hehe. Yes!!! I hope so too! Lol. Same to you. I hope my luck carries over to you! 3nodding

Report | 03/15/2018 4:42 pm


LOL! I won't bother to ask you... Unless I'm desperate. Ahahah. But it's okay! XD I replied before I saw this too. Ahaha. Thank you again! <3

Report | 03/15/2018 4:41 pm


Lol. Okay. x3 I'm only giving to some people... Especially those who were kind to me even though at first I was a stranger to them!!! <3
I'm not that good.. ; A; But yay!!!! I'm so glad to end your day with a happy note!!!! biggrin If you want, I can give you the 2 common drops! Lol.
I saw the present! biggrin Yes, I still did! Hehehe. Thank you so much! <3 emotion_bigheart emotion_kiss emotion_hug
Okay. I should save for the bundles too incase I want the exclusives! xD
It only happens to me rarely. sad This is one of the first times it's happened so early though when I gambled. Lol.

Report | 03/15/2018 4:31 pm


Lol! Thank you for that item!!! <333 emotion_hug

Report | 03/15/2018 1:51 pm


Lol! Sorry. Ahahahaha. I had trade open!
Ohh so you played some? :O You don't need the Runcible or or Fallout Rogue?
I think I played 100? xD Or 150. Lol. I forgot.
Oh don't worry about it! I have extras of those! <333

Report | 03/15/2018 1:23 pm


Tell me the items! Lol. So I can send you trade! D:<


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