Hey guys! My name is Metilda, I'm 21 years old, and I was born on November 4th in CANADA. One thing I absolutely love is when people send me random PMs on here! So, if you're considering talking to me, go for it! I'd really love to hear from you.
I'm really not so good with roleplaying, however, I am more than willing to try if you invite me.
Hmm... what else...?
Umm... I do smoke cigarettes in real life, yes. Somehow I doubt that's really important information to strangers, but I said it. I enjoy cigarettes with a piping hot cup 'o joe.

Miscellaneous Facts about me:In no particular order!!
Favorite Animal: Siberian Husky
Favorite Color: Red
Favorite Item on Gaia: Sweet Charming Blush
Favorite Drink: Chai Tea Latte
Favorite Cigarettes: Marlboro Smooth Menthols
Hot or Cold: Cold
Fact: I go for walks at unusually late hours.
Fact: I'm an anti bullying extremist!
Fact: Mom's name is Wendy.
Fact: Internet cuts out frequently, so if I randomly abandoned you, then that's why. I apologize.

Voila! I'll try to add more facts about me as I come up with them. 3nodding