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Username: Methadope

Name: Sam Braddock

CodeName: Jecht

Occupation within Mpd: 5th in Command, and head of the Special Operations Division/The MPD Ghost Branch.

Squad: The Mighty Blue Guard (Ghosts, Spec. Ops.)
MBG Squadron:

Eyebrow color(s); Brown

Eye Color(s); Light-Green

Appearance: Caucasian

Appearance Img:

Body Type: Mesomorph (Muscular)

Body Type Chart:

Bio(Biography); Methadope, or Jecht/Sam Braddock is the 5th in Command of MPD, and leader of MPD's Special Forces Division/or/The Ghosts. When Jecht first joined the MPD he was made second in command of the MPD National Security Agency, and since then was made to his current position of 5th in Command. He belongs to the MBG Squadron, or Mighty Blue Guard Squadron of the Ghosts or Special Operations Division. The Ghosts specialize in getting anywhere unnoticed, and getting the job done and the operations include but are not limited too; Infiltration, Search and Destroy, Domination, Amphibious Assault, Guerrilla Warfare, Securing perimeters, and any kind of Infantry-like warfare. Jecht carries an MP5SD Designed for specialized applications where sound and flash need to be suppressed, such as in the silent killing of enemy guards. Capable of taking magazines that hold 15 or 30 rounds, it has a range of 328 feet.

Primary Gun: MP5SD -Customized-

Primary Gun Type: Sub-Machine Gun -Fully-Automatic-

Primary Gun Bullet(s); 9.0 NATO Rounds.

Primary Gun Attachments: The MP5SD has a detatchable silencer that suppresses nearly all flash, and noise from the weapon. It's grip is customized for better feeling and the stock is extendable.

Primary Gun Special Abilities: The rate of fire within the MP5SD is extremely fast, and when the mag is finished the weapon makes a ticking noise and the magazine automatically falls to the ground, ready for the next magazine.

Primary Gun Picture: Sub-Machine Gun MP5SD Customized, No photo.

More information about the Primary Gun: The length of the MP5SD is 21.6 Inches, or 55 centimeters. It weighs 6.3 lbs and has a rate of fire of 800rpm, the caliber is 9-mm.

Secondary Gun: Colt Commando

Secondary Gun Type: Assault Rifle

Secondary Gun Bullet(s); 5.56 NATO Rounds

Secondary Gun Attachments: An adjustable stock, select fire, a detatchable ACOG scope and an extended magazine increasing the amount of rounds held in the cartridge to 45.

Secondary Gun Special Abilities: None

Secondary Gun Picture: M16-like-appearance, No photo.

More information about the Secondary Gun: The standard pistol grip is modified for better stability at longer ranges.

(4) L2A2 fragmentary hand grenades
(2) Stun (Flashbang) Grenades

Grenade Type(s); Assault Grenades

Grenade Abilties/Effects once thrown and or activated:
-L2A2 frag: The L2A2 is the standard Issue high-explosive grenade of the special forces. it has a kill radius of 33 ft. (10m.) and can cause serious injury at up to 100 ft. (30m.) it is used by special forces for room-clearing in urban operations, as well as on the battlefield in operation, there is a time-delay of five seconds between the pull ring being removed and the grenade detonating.

Length: 4.2 Inches (10.6 cm.)
Weight: 14 oz. (395 g.)
Throwing range: 148 ft. (45m.)
Kill Radius: 33 ft. (10m.)

-Stun (Flashbang): The combination of intense light and deafening noise that the grenade produces disorients all those who are exposed to it. Unlike frag grenades, which detonate on a time-delay of five seconds, stun grenades explode only three seconds after the pull ring is removed, allowing less time for them to be intercepted.

Length: 4.1 Inches (10.4cm)
Weight 11.4 oz. (320 g.)
Throwing range: 148 ft. (45 m.)
Blast Radius: 33 ft. (10m.)

Grenade Picture(s); None, Metal-Rounded Grenade armed with chemicals to blind the opponent.

&!----- Beginning MPD National Communication Details ----!>

Model: CPM150 Talker

Made By: MPD

Type: Mobile, Can be strapped on with it's clip equipped on the CPM150 Talker on the back, Can also be put in any vehicle that has a Main Terminal w/Oval Shaped Usb port on the side of the terminal, | How: You may place the CPM150 Talker on the side where-as it has a oval shaped usb port And it will release all talk data on the terminal, Where-as you hear the alliances talkin and has switch channel modes, And switch to other app, The switch channel allows you to switch to other ally chat channels, Simply like Lobbys, The switch to other App allows the whole Talk Data to minimize so you can do other things while still running in background and can be brought back-up with just a touch on the O icon on the bottom terminal-screen.

Chat/Storage Channel(s) stored within the CPM150 Talker: 1-6 Chat Channels.

Color: All black in the back, Silver in the front.

Weight: 152g-260g

OEM: Yes/Enabled

Security: El Conneh Firewall, Blocking&Kicking out all hackers&bots programmed to attempt to get in the Chat System&Channels to breach plans, Ran automatically within the Terminal Soft-ware as ALL TERMINALS Are EQUIPPED WITH THE El Conneh Firewall for security reasons.

El Conneh Firewall Information: El Conneh is a Fw or Fire-Wall blocking and kicking out all hackers and bots programmed or attempting to get in any system that the El Conneh Fw or Firewall, It protects And is filled with not of one vulnerability, As it has been made by the expertise technicians in the tech deck of Space-Station-Defcon One.

Appearance: Walkie-Talkie like appearance, No photo.

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Amatsu Narya
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We are a big batch of sexy bitches. emotion_dowant
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Maid 4 u skirt and white hunter
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