I lead a pretty normal life, in a pretty normal town, with well.. fairly normal friends. I love music and art, if you want to put my hobbies into a nutshell.

but for those of you who want to know more for whatever reason..

I'm obsessed with orange and buttons, well, pins.. whatever you want to call them they're all over my messenger bag. I mean literally.. ....all over it. o_O

I'm a vegetarian, and have been one for about a year or so now. Hoo. Ha.

I like to draw mostly in the art area, because I can't shade worth my life with paints.

But anyway, I do comissions on oekaki too for people who want them, just ask for a sample and you shall recieve.



Emo is overatted. o_O
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^not my art^
Ask for commission. biggrin
My art --http://jadedinnowhere.deviantart.com/