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Hmm, I wonder, what is there to say? I am one of the two moon children. My screen name is pronounced Mee-sow-moo-gow-gow. I am 16 and am currently working on getting my first book published. I am a fantasy writer and I love to draw. I'm a pretty good artist, I like 80's 90's and now type music. I don't have an I-pod or my own computer: I don't watch American Idol or anything along those lines. The funnest thing in the world to me would be to hang out with my friends all day, maybe go to the pool or have a camp-out or something. I love being out doors which is why it takes me a while to get back to people online. I am 16 years young and currently single. However if some guy starts trying to ask me out online: I will tell you I only value a relationship with a real person. Sorry, But I've gotta see you in real life. Fake personalities are not for me. I'm shy and get good grades, hungry most of the time, I do judo and got third place in my first tournament. I like a lot of things that other people would consider stupid, so I hide them. Liek the fact that I like reading Fruits Basket and other manga, and well as Naruto, and Inuyasha sometimes. Pokemon still hold my attention, but if you ask me anything about those subjects when you meet me I will pretend not to know. It's sad, but, I'm coming out of my shell. Gradually. I want to be at the top of my class, Next year I will be a senior and I want to have my book out by then. College goals include making it into an animation studio and minoring in Japanese. One of my life-long goals is to at least visit Studio Ghibli, and hang gliding is somethin' I wanna try. I love cats. Ninja Warrior is a show I want to get on. Japan is one of my worldly destinations.


Hey there I'm mesowmugowgow (mee-sow-moo-gow-gow) and I like cats and animals and playing hard in the sun all day long! I'm into art as well as InuYasha! But also Naruto, Avatar the last Airbender and Pokemon! I like writing stories as well as reading fanfics! whee

Hola estoy Mesowmugowgow y me gusta gatos y animales y jugar mucho en el sol todo el dia! Yo me gusta los artes tambien InuYasha. Tambien Naruto, Avatar the last Airbender y Pokemon! Me gusta escribir cuentos y leerlos tambien!

Here is one of my works: please vote and comment! xd

Brand new dream avi; when I get one...

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If asked what anime world I would like to live in:
For me it would so totally be InuYahsa! I would fall down the well; and be transformed into a cat demon when a huge battle with a cat demon happens! I'd have just a ton of fun talking to and messin with InuYasha (with Shippo helping!) And it would just be loads of fun cuz i'd get to kill demons in search of the shikon jewel shards! blaugh

I like being evil for a good cause... ninja twisted

So, there is a story I'm making in which my character Sheia is a "fighter" and she goes on a life changing and dangerous journey. The world she's in is full of demons and monsters in which there is almost no safe place in which to be, exept for the town she lives in and the others scattered far away: almost two months of travel separates the safe havens. However, on her fifteenth birthday, she becomes of legal age to be a "protector", the profession that took her parent's lives. If you want to read it, then come over to my house. If you can't come over to my house; oh well. Mabey you could buy it if it gets made into a book.

13th and 14th are my buy days..remind myself...check!

I love the show InuYasha! And what's more is my friend Joseph is now hooked onto it because Heather and I gave him the first book. You can see a hint of it on his profile: he's got an avi of Seshomaru in his "about" section. Hee! We got 'im!

I love drawing and InuYasha! I hope to go into college and become an artist: a graphics and animation designer! I would love to be able to create dreams as images to seem real, that has been my passion for a while now. I'm good with computers and I like drawing, and (most important to the craft) I can picture things in my mind with a concept of how to transfer what I see to real life. Sounds boring and technical, I know. I can get like that sometimes. 4laugh

Can someone get me something off of my wishlist? Or any donations whatsoever. I'm not picky when it comes to that.

So, now that you people have read down to here, I have a question to ask you; Are you insane, a stalker, or just really really bored? If you're my friend, then that's okay. But if you're not, you had better become my friend or leave right now. Now I said. Why are you still here? Begone Stalker person! Shoo! Rawr! Gooophlah! Heather! Come here, this stalker person won't leave me alone! Heather: what is it? Me: Kill this dude! Heather: why? Me: cuz I said so now throw the giant kunai through the screen at their face!
Heather: Uhhhh... gottogobye! Booooop.

Damn you heather. Whatever. You WILL kiss a kunai at 90 miles per hour one day, I swear it! (But if you're my friend, that won't happen cuz me luvs u!) blaugh

I believe randomness makes the world go 'round. That and sarcasm. And jelly fish, butterfiles, anime, cats, purple, friends, spasmaticness, trees, climbers of trees, pillows, fluffy things, cool drawings, DRAGONS, cauliflower, stickytape, baloons, waterfalls, family, swords, bubblewrap, and so on.


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ii_crayon monster_ii

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ii_crayon monster_ii

will u please donate

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sure yeah why not?
MLMS hawty

Report | 12/04/2008 4:33 pm

MLMS hawty

go ninja warrior!! have you seen bazuke challange too? (comment to my friend emilie lolita's pro because she is the one who is a total fan of thoes shows and wish to be on them too....she also like pokemon)
born singing

Report | 09/09/2008 3:19 pm

born singing

User Image

Hello, we're doing some new things and i would really appriciate it if you would check it out.

Thank You ~User Image~

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but its fun

Report | 07/31/2008 12:01 pm


you know most of the jellyfish here dont sting people.

maybe wen you visit we can go snorkeling with the sharks
onigiri dude

Report | 07/30/2008 8:59 pm

onigiri dude

I was at you shop looking for a yama no tamago

Im not trying to be a noob(which I'm not) or be annoying or begging.

I as wondering if it's okay for my to ask you if I can buy your yama no tamago from 15k to 18k? or around there?

I am currently questing for it

If you can sell me one around that price, please tell me.

( i would like to buy ur kitty slippers . for how low? )

Thanks User Image

I look forward to hearing from you soon User Image

Report | 07/30/2008 8:08 am


not yet

Report | 07/29/2008 1:05 pm


hi sweet avi
Milady D

Report | 06/22/2008 12:50 pm

Milady D

Hi, just surfing - love your avi! And the castle! We have a lot in common!


Come see my great art!
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