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*sighs*...what do you want?

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Emails are like Hot Pockets; they're full of garbage and cheese!

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Character class: Nerd

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I'm a boring nerd and i don't talk much.
If you're here to try and cause trouble, then thanks for wasting your time & energy.
I'm happily Undertale trash. emotion_skull heart
& a Homestuck
I adore fanfictions, AUs, cats, skeletons, Chuck Palahniuk quotes, honesty and humor.

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Mercurio DeRosa Report | 07/14/2019 11:14 pm
Mercurio DeRosa
I've been trying to make something that looks like a monkey, I'm just not really liking it
And I don't want to make something out of my own zodiac bc, well...i should be representing as the theme suggests.
Oh well, maybe if they roll out an axolotl them I could be king of them all

And yeah, it's so neat to see the two lizards. I always water the lime tree during the day and that attracts insects like butterflies and wasos and the two have quite the feast.
Mercurio DeRosa Report | 07/14/2019 10:54 pm
Mercurio DeRosa
Ooh, eastern zodiac
You're a rooster.
I'm a monkey.
Hmmm....idk if I'd manage to make something with what's in my invo
But your entry is gorgeous, I love it.
And you're right, the roost make up does help. I noticed everything around it first.before I saw it was using the makeup.
It's busy in a good way.
Mercurio DeRosa Report | 07/14/2019 10:36 pm
Mercurio DeRosa
Omg what is your avatar?
An anthro rooster?
Ugg...It's cute...i love it!
Mercurio DeRosa Report | 07/11/2019 1:17 am
Mercurio DeRosa
I love making little treats for him
He deserves all the yum yums
We also have a pair of green lizards with blue tails and they eat a lot of the nasty bugs in our yard.
We have a bad butterfly problem and I water the grass and dirt around the wall of cinder block they made their home
And the insects like to gather around the water so they have an easy time getting meals. Just search Texas blue spiny lizard. They're so cute.
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Mercurio DeRosa Report | 07/11/2019 12:50 am
Mercurio DeRosa
He doesn't
But he likes ice cream
So I give him a little taste every few days. Just plain vanilla
I make him ground beef sticks and freeze them for him to chew on
Like his own little popsicles pupsicles
Mercurio DeRosa Report | 07/11/2019 12:28 am
Mercurio DeRosa
Congrats on your baby turning 5.
I find myself thinking about some of my past errors.
I just want to move on and grow from it.
It's a struggle.

It's so hot and dry in my area. We usually let the Scoobinator indoors to keep cool.
It's cruel to keep him outside.
Mercurio DeRosa Report | 07/11/2019 12:01 am
Mercurio DeRosa
I saw your runway entry for indie games heart
Hope you're doing good
Mercurio DeRosa Report | 06/22/2019 12:51 am
Mercurio DeRosa
She's a shushu named Nethissar, mostly, meant to be a succubus and her original form is a naga/snake lady with a cobra hood.
She can shapeshift and copy abilities/magic of other classes
The two met under a grisly situation
The two got along as Flynn was getting revenge for the mess Riktus bandits made of his lab. Nethissar was just hungry for bloodshed and carnage.
So she had fun assisting him.
She's an interesting one, and a friend's OC
We ship them
Too bad they can't make cute little shushu demon babies together.
Kinda established shushu are infertile
And that might be tmi
Mercurio DeRosa Report | 06/22/2019 12:36 am
Mercurio DeRosa
Thank you!
I actually wanted this item for a cute picnic date for Flynn and his Cobra Naga wifey
The note on the gift made me laugh
I love you, Merlot
Hope you get some good rest
Mercurio DeRosa Report | 06/22/2019 12:20 am
Mercurio DeRosa
Flynn's tough as a rock
You couldn't really hurt his feelings if you tried
He also has a high pain tolerance
So he'd be the one making people cry
And he can really dish out the hurt
He's merciless when he sees red

Axolotl boy is more delicate. Protect at all costs.

The Ending credits

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amazing art by Ivan Cain

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