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Call me "Mel" or "Wolf" or just "Ashley"

Merleawe_White_Wolf's avatar

Last Login: 04/12/2013 4:48 am

Gender: Female

Birthday: 08/12

what I'm wearing now

Wish List

Dream Avatar Wishlist

9/16- UPDATE!!!!!!!!!!!!

My dream avitars! Please donate if you can, I don't even care if you give me a crumpled paper. I just like things. Yay things!! Some of these I now have, but I keep forgetting to take them off.

User Image
Total Value: 104,897 Gold
[Item Information]

Item List:
Death Whisper
Blush Couture Skirt
Black Sport Vest
Black Beatnik Sandals

User Image
Total Value: 8,265,148 Gold
[Item Information]

Item List:
Black Beatnik Sandals
Angelic Scarf
Blue Torque Pants
Ash Hot Top
White Heartbreaker Jacket
I just need the angelic sash and this one will be complete!!!

User Image
Total Value: 211,320 Gold
[Item Information]

Item List:
Round Paper Lantern Red & White
Goldenrod Paper Cat Band
#0000FF Complex Pants
Aqua Ruffled Ribbon Tie Top
Leather Collar with Cross
Doggy Style Steamer Boots
Dog Tags
Red Wulf Tail
Need Lantern, kleather collar with cross, dog tags, and boots.

User Image
Total Value: 267,423 Gold
[Item Information]

Item List:
Midnight Black Sweet Lace Headband
Holy $#17
Midnight Black Sweet Lace Rockinghorse Shoes
Ebony Butterfly Terrycloth Tube-Top

User Image
Total Value: 6,480 Gold
[Item Information]

Item List:
Rose Tea Time Waitress Dress
Black Leather Pom-Pom Boots

User Image
Total Value: 90,560 Gold
[Item Information]

Item List:
Subsonic Silver Hoochie Top
Cool Starter Glam Guy Trousers
Dander 4th Gen.

(((( ;゚Д゚))) Happy Halloween!! ( ゚∀゚)アハハ八八ノヽノヽノヽノ \ / \/ \

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Enter at your own Risk! ಠ_ಠ

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Merleawe's Gaia Dainal

This Journal consists of mostly internal monolougue, poems, short stories, and recordings of events that were special to me. You can call me Mel..or Lea...I like a lot of things including having fun and being with friends. I hate my computer since i

Leame me a message will ya?! ( ´д)ヒソ(´Д`)ヒソ(Д` )

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Kyohea Report | 10/22/2011 11:50 am
Well at least you tried
Kyohea Report | 10/22/2011 8:50 am
Kyohea Report | 10/22/2011 8:10 am
play zomg with us!!!! were on the Deathmine surver
PizzaRollsAreGamerFuel Report | 01/22/2011 6:33 pm

lol well YOU THOUGHT WRONG *explodes*
PizzaRollsAreGamerFuel Report | 01/18/2011 3:24 pm
xD lol nuu thats just an EPIC fail! one time i tried to get up from my car seat and i tried at least twice just to find out i was still in a seat-belt xD
PizzaRollsAreGamerFuel Report | 01/16/2011 10:09 am
lol i had one of those moments..........i ran into a wall while i could've swore i was looking strait at it xD but yes we all have thoses moment's
PizzaRollsAreGamerFuel Report | 01/15/2011 11:00 am
lol yush and you is welcome x3
PizzaRollsAreGamerFuel Report | 01/12/2011 8:09 pm
i couldnt believe it either xD lol im glad i did tew biggrin
thanksh but you are awesome tew~!
PizzaRollsAreGamerFuel Report | 01/11/2011 2:31 pm
OMGAWD I KNU RIGHT!!! lol i actually forced them on xD i didnt want the RP forum thing to go to wast so i m ade him post xD ((he actually forgot about it xD
PizzaRollsAreGamerFuel Report | 01/09/2011 5:18 pm
omgeee hai hai sorry i haven't talked in forever........again.....but yeah someone finally posted blaugh ((if you still wanna be in that guild xD))


"....on a stick." O:
~Jalepeno on a Stick

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