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Unable to identify Vimeo video URL.

Anime Munters [ORIGINAL] by go devil dante



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Pandaioh Report | 12/24/2014 9:17 pm
Thank you for purchasing. Have a Merry Christmas.
SweetPotatoPie0405 Report | 08/01/2011 3:41 pm
I can't cause I'm already gonna be here, band, out in the field
SweetPotatoPie0405 Report | 07/31/2011 12:29 pm
SweetPotatoPie0405 what time are you going? cause if yours is L I can hop right in XD lol I son't wanna wait till noon to go, that's after the first half of marching is over andI'll look like crap! D=
SweetPotatoPie0405 Report | 07/31/2011 12:22 pm
neither I don't need a language anymore so I'm focusing on what I do need for the art university...what time are u going for muster? cause I'm going when my section leader goes and her last name starts with an S
SweetPotatoPie0405 Report | 07/31/2011 12:16 pm
I now love it too! XD
SweetPotatoPie0405 Report | 07/30/2011 11:19 pm
OMG I just watched your video and literally lol XD
SweetPotatoPie0405 Report | 07/14/2011 12:01 pm
Oo get those summer assignments done! Jeez lol
And I'm not THAT passionate about it, I just need it cause it looks good going into college =) but it's still very fun

I'm searching fof animes to watch cause I'm obsessed with them now >.< haha when am I not actually? I'm obesessed with Vampire Knight right now
SweetPotatoPie0405 Report | 07/14/2011 12:22 am
lol, you'll see when school starts back up! ;D if I'm not careful now I'll turn pale again cause it doesn't take that long >.< lol

omg! band started and a golfball almost killed me AND a newbie? you know the field behind the school? Yeah apparently someone decided, 'hey let's place a golfball right here!' and then we marched backward and I stumbled over it - _- if I'm not falling into the stupid gopher holes I'm tripping over stuff....I think band is hazardous to my health lol

oh yeah, and 3 more weeks and some odd days until school!!

AND I love the hetalia anime! I love Italy he so funny! and the Hetalia chibi so adorable lol
SweetPotatoPie0405 Report | 06/27/2011 1:22 pm
aw! lol well I'm spending my summer going back and forth from M to O XD if u get that-Ois where i used to live wink
hangin out at the pool and gettin tan before band =P
and speaking of my hair, my family friend wanted to french braid it...yeah it's gotten that long now
SweetPotatoPie0405 Report | 05/30/2011 11:57 pm
hey!!! how's my french buddy? How's your summer been treatin' yeah? Btw ur not the only one who molests my curls. There was a girl in my english class that would randomly mess with my curls. They're not that awesome u know, just annoying XP

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