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hi i'm Taylor dramallama

I'm 26, born, raised, and currently
still roaming Philadelphia. Grew up
in the northwest suburbs but now I
spend most of my time in the worst
sections of north philly cause i'm a
hood rat now apparently. redface

I'm an artist, and I'm teaching
myself coding, etc. to become a
more capable web designer, and I
hope to some day be able to make
a living off my art and technical skills.

I lost my boyfriend Zach on December
first of 2018, and unfortunately it really
changed my life for the worse, I've
been really struggling with depression
and addiction ever since (well...
before, too. But worse now). So
please forgive my frequent absences
from the site, I am often briefly living
on the streets due to the complications
from my lifestyle :

Please feel free to PM and chat about
this/other related issues. I am going
through a lot, but I have a degree in
psychology and would love to help
in any way I can. I could also use the
help in any way you can offer.

Currently cleaning out my massive invo
so please PM me if you ghost me and
see anything you'd like. I often accept
offers of 30-50% off, so just shoot a
number. I won't get mad biggrin


Documenting a Lifetime of Faggotry



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Alsaeida Ao

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thank you for buying please visit my store again

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Lady Kittens

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I've returned from my 7-8 year hiatus, and hope to soon have my art shop open!! Pics soon ;D