Well... I love anime, though I sometimes get bored of it really easily because of the long lasting story-lines, My current anime favorite is Hetalia heart Too epic.
I love yaoi, anything that has to deal with yaoi I'm in but if it's yuri I'm out talk2hand ...
I hate hate HATE people who think they're better than me scream .
I'm very easy-going and love RPing with my OCs with anyone. 4laugh
I have a Deviantart account right here mofos arrow http://meowmallow.deviantart.com/ Make sure to visit me and ad me to dAwatch! whee
My favorite types of movies are horror and comedy. xp
I love video games. smile

I have the The Godfather and God of War II. I still ahve to see the Godfather because everyone says it's a good movie. I still need to play God of War I jsut because. razz

I like DC and Marvel comics, movies, and video games. sweatdrop Imma nerd like that.

I am a single 15 year old soooo.... Yea, if you wanna get to know me better please leave a message! wink