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(Let's Make A Wish Together)

Relationship Status: Single
Age: 26
Sexual Orientation: Bi
Loves: Strawberrys, Cheesecake, and Sushi Rolls
Hates: Mushrooms, Spiders, and Bitter Coffee
Collects: Crystals, Seashells & Pop Dolls
Favorite Movie: Sophie's Revenge
Fav Anime: Food Wars! & My Hero Academia
Fav Cartoon: Steven Universe
Favorite Game: Undertale
Favorite Band: The Used

( I block anyone that sends sex PMs)

For those of you that want more than quick facts and tid bits, well I can be an overly open person to the point I question why I'm still able to do that? I'm a pervert but that doesn't mean I want to be pervert with YOU, gotcha? Haha, well I'm an anime nerd. Most of my free time is spent either reading undertale fanfiction, avatar cosplaying on here, watching anime or chillin in real life with my handful of friends.

As for relationships eventually I'll get to the point where I'll be looking into being with someone again. But at this moment, I only wish to gain new friends. I am a pretty anti-social person at this moment though, workin on it okay?

If I'm not answering your PMs or comments or whatever it doesn't mean I hate you or what not, kay?


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Mani Ze Wanderer

Report | 07/27/2017 8:41 pm

Mani Ze Wanderer

Yeah, don't be a stranger! And also, I'm done with nights. Yaaaaaay.
Mani Ze Wanderer

Report | 07/27/2017 8:34 pm

Mani Ze Wanderer

-apparently has very stretchy cheeks, now has a rather loooong frown!-
Mani Ze Wanderer

Report | 07/27/2017 8:14 pm

Mani Ze Wanderer

Mani Ze Wanderer

Report | 07/27/2017 8:05 pm

Mani Ze Wanderer

Thank ya! xD
Leos Shadow

Report | 04/10/2017 5:52 pm

Leos Shadow

Just don't expect worlds of replies. I'm mostly around gaia when I'm at work anymore. Terrible, I know. >x>
Leos Shadow

Report | 04/10/2017 4:39 pm

Leos Shadow

I don't think you needed permission in the first place! XP
Leos Shadow

Report | 04/10/2017 4:08 pm

Leos Shadow

I doooo. >o<
Catch me in forums more! I can't reply to profile comments on mobile! ;3; But thank you for leaving them! heart
Mani Ze Wanderer

Report | 04/08/2017 6:30 pm

Mani Ze Wanderer

-is nommed on- What am I, a cherry?
Mani Ze Wanderer

Report | 04/08/2017 6:11 pm

Mani Ze Wanderer

The unfortunate thing is they make items based off anime tropes... and there's what, two or three male characters in anime? The shy wimp, the hyper-masculine beefcake, and the lecherous bastard. xD
And thank ya.
Mani Ze Wanderer

Report | 04/08/2017 5:44 pm

Mani Ze Wanderer

Been doing female avatars for a good while now. Male items aren't anywhere near as interesting... they're too girly or hyper-masculine.


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