Hello! ^.^ I'm Hieda no Akyu the current "Child of Miare" (御阿礼の子), who was born in the Hieda family once in every few hundred years with the ability to to not forget anything I see and record Gensokyo's history. I REALLY like red tea and FM Synthesis music!
Despite my young age, my memory goes back 1200 years. It is because every "Child of Miare" of the Hieda family is a reincarnation of the previous "Child of Miare", who inherits the memories of the previous incarnates. I am the ninth reincarnation in the line. It seems that no one but myself and Yukari know this, though I do mention part of it to Reimu during Memorizable Gensokyo. Each time I reincarnate, my life span gets shorter and shorter, and each Child of Miare works on a written record of Gensokyo's history called the Gensokyo Chronicle. Perfect Memento in Strict Sense is the edition of this record.