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Hiya! Alright, the name's Fate Chose Namine. Some of you may know me under another name from on gaia but let's just stick to this one because of the stuff that happened, kay? Thanks! Anyways, those of you who still call me by my other name, feel free to do so. I'll probably respond to that way quicker than I will to Fate or whatnot. Oh, and also feel free to call me Namine! ^^

You see, I absolutely ADORE Kingdom Hearts. It is one of the most amazing video games every created. My favorite character? You guessed it. Namine. I love her and she's so wonderful. All the characters are, but it's her that I love the most. Anyways, for those of you who don't know, roleplaying is something that takes up most of my time and it's something that I love. Kingdom Hearts roleplays are the best but that doesn't mean I don't roleplay anything else. If you give me an idea to go off of, I'm pretty sure I can whip something up. Realistic role-plays are so-so for me. I'd much rather spend my time off in a la-la fantasy land, just so you know.

Anyways, this is where I am going to shout out to my amazing friends who happen to be on this site. Thalassa, Kairi, Abstract, Gun , Uchi... you guys are Uh-may-zing. Just so you all know. And I love you all lots. heart

Right. Well. I'm drawing a blank as to what to put. Oh, wait! Basic info. I'm dreadfully sorry. Here, let me give it to you.

Name ll Jeza, my old gaia name (those of you who know it, cool, those who don't, don't worry about it), Namine or Nami. What? That's not my real name. You don't say...

Age ll It's never polite to ask that of a lady.

Gender ll Look above. It should be a big hint.

Adress ll 4214 Don't Need To Know This Ct.

Relationship status ll Gosh, you people are nosy.

Career ll Student. Waitress during the school year. Daycamp Consuler during the summer. Aspiring actress all year round. That's right. You'll all see me on the big screen someday, ladies and gentlemen.



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i t j u s t w o r k s Report | 07/03/2014 2:37 am
i t j u s t w o r k s
If you can hold that Claude Faustus a while I'll give you more than 23.
Slkirmislh Report | 06/16/2014 9:48 pm
Mikasa es tu casa.
I am half sorry. Bahaha!
Memory Manipulator Namine Report | 12/13/2013 7:56 am
Memory Manipulator Namine
Rhuem Report | 09/06/2013 7:46 am
Huggie emotion_kirakira
Rhuem Report | 08/28/2013 2:55 pm
Nice cosplay and yay you accepted my friend request heart
YourDorkyBro Report | 07/09/2013 6:19 pm
in love with your fandom as well as your AVI <3
Lil Alice-chan Report | 05/07/2013 12:50 am
Lil Alice-chan
ty for your buying emotion_kirakira

i always read ppl's prof (lol sweatdrop natural stalker)
so i thought is was fun, cos i'm actually working on a Kairi avatar emotion_yatta
Focus Minor Report | 12/13/2012 12:11 pm
Focus Minor
happy birthday!
SlapKnut Report | 11/10/2012 3:38 am

yes , it was amazing xD
wow .. i like erza too biggrin
well .. i like loki too >v> tehehehe ♥
SlapKnut Report | 11/09/2012 1:44 am

ah yes .. it is biggrin
you like erza ? biggrin


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A FFXV AU fantasy roleplay. Open and Accepting both Canon and OCs!

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