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Okay. I guess I should write something.
My name is Kelly, though considering i hate the name, avoid calling me that.
I prefer being called Scary, Teddy or Bubblegum. I have a lot of other nicknames, though Teddy seems to be the most popular on gaia.
I've been here for around 3, going on 4 pretty soon, years. You must think i have no life, right? Wrong, im actually very busy lately, and i've only been able to get on recently. I have school work, and work in general, my families being a b***h and thanks to the upcoming holidays i might have to get off again.
I've spoke much about quitting over the summer, though because so many complained over that contemplation of mine, I'll leave it at this; I'll get on when i can.
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Theres a reason that im called scary. Im into strange things, blood, gore. The mere thought of someone being disemboweled amuses me. Though for some ******** up reasons, ghosts scare the s**t out of me. You can show me a clip of a girls arms being ripped off and i remain unaffected though when i see something that has to do with ghosts i freak out. Dont ask why, cause i dont know why, im just a strange little girl.

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I have an anime addiction that i have problems suppressing. I piss off my friends with my liking of the Japanese culture. My iPod has half english songs and half Japanese songs. Im not racist but for some reason the Spanish language annoys me.
I speak English, and im learning italian and Japanese.
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I have a liking have way to much music. I have trouble living an hour without it.
My iPod is my love, and I would go insane without it.
My iPods name is Cuddly! :3
My favorite song at the moment is "your gonna go far, Kid" By the Offspring.
I do not like Rap, or Country music in the least, for some reason it annoys the hell out of me.
I like the piano though i cant play it for s**t. I play the guitar and the Drums.
I quit band at my school because my band teacher is the biggest jack a** I ever met.
I Like soft music sometimes, and i love listening to the soundtrack of the game kingdom hearts. It makes me feel warm inside. :3
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Kingdom hearts is my second love.
The story-line itself makes me happy. ^^
It brings two things together and makes it one.
I never really was a fan of Disney, though this made me more welcoming towards it.
I think Riku is a sexy beast.<3
I believe i've mentioned this before, that I love listening to the Kingdom Hearts soundtrack.
I think Kairi's theme and Roxas's Theme are beautifully made and fit them as a character perfectly.
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Im a dedicated Role-player. I believe i've been role-playing for Three years now, and i intend to continue role-playing.
I consider myself literate, and speaking of which i must bring it to your attention that the reason as to why i never write "semi-lit" anywhere on my posts, is because there is no such thing. There's Literate, then Non-literate.
Theres no ******** such thing as Semi-Literate.

I have a deep hatred for One-liners, though i can understand writers block. Recently i have just gotten through month long writers block that has seriously damaged my writing skills unfortunately.
If you ever want to roleplay, feel free to PM me. Its rare for me to ever roleplay in threads, though i will if absolutely necessary.
I accept Yaoi if its what someone is craving, though other then that i dont change my Female Role-play character for years and years a time, so im sorry if that bothers you.

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Im currently single, and im not particularly looking.
Im bisexual, though not many of my friends know that. I cant say im proud of it, because i find it to hard to tell any of my friends or family.
As much as I want to be proud of it, i cant. D=
I hate when people look for "Gaia boyfriends" or "Gaia girlfriends" its a waste of time from my point of view.

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For now. This is all, i may write more later, though i shall leave you with this for now.
Buh Bai Lovely's.
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Pinkeh ish teh awesomnesst <3
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Boo-Chan rocks muh sox. :3
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By muh bestest best friend Boobear! 8'D
Luff her to death
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El Navistador

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El Navistador

Im baaaaaaaaaaaack!

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Ealain na Realtai

Report | 02/10/2009 12:41 pm

Ealain na Realtai

Hello..Sorry about this, I always seem to pop up and give random comments from time to time.

I read, pretty much, your entire About Me and you seem like an extremely interesting person.

Not to mention I like your profile and avatar, very nice if I do say so myself.

Feel free to comment me back, but I'll understand if you don't.


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Okay, no socks is just innapropriate.

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Your right, dumb question. But can I keep my socks on? I don't like cold feet....

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Only if you sleep naked. WInkity wink wink wink wink.

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I'm sorry dear, you can come live with me?

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hey...u weren't at skool 2day... so i wasn't sure if u were goin 2 be here 2morrow... so we could g2 the village n do manga. ^_^; sooooooooooo... yea

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Why do you hate your family?
Complex Complication

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Complex Complication

Okay! :3

Second one it is, Then!

Good call. = w = Lol.