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Username changed as well.
New Account; Old Username.
A Bittersweet Kiss


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Hello and welcome to my profile.

Known most commonly as Bittersweet and Kiss, but I've also heard ABK before.
Call me what you'd like, as long as I know you're referring to me.

I don't like my name in real life. For that reason, I use Karin as an alias sometimes.
Last name is Zhang, if you really wanted to know.

I will not add you just because I spent 15 minutes of my time talking to you.
And even if I did talk to you for over a week, don't consider yourself my friend. Please either wait for me to to send you the request myself, or be sure that I absolutely adore you first.
I'm not trying to be mean, but too many friends confuses me on my friend's list.

Manga & anime is a crutial part of my life.
I love yaoi. If you didn't know already, yaoi is shounen-ai, or boys love in Japanese. To put it in one word, gay.
Yaoi brings the bishies {bishounens} together, and bishies bring fangirls together.

I'm part Chinese, part Japanese. My mother's dad is Japanese; rest is Chinese.
However, I grew up in Canada. For your satisfication, Ehh?

I'm a nerd. I'm legally blind, and wear glasses. {and to be honest, I look better in glasses anyways.}
I ace at math, won all these types of math competitions, and my report card is wonderful. Plus, I'm enrolled in the International Baccalaureate program.

I hate noobs. In fact, I hate the word «noob». It sounds so irratating. But I will call you a noob if it's nessassary.
I get pissed, but I won't actually say that in your face.

Bisexual. Don't like it, don't comment on it.
I love xpavii. She's mine, so keep your grubby fingers off.


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If headline is a date, it's a regular journal post. If not, it may just something I wrote, like fanfiction and stuffers. The comment section will be for the Song of the Day, Quote of the Day. If it not a journal entry, a comment is a comment.


Username changed as well.
New Account; Old Username.
A Bittersweet Kiss


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