what you need to know

Hello fellow Gaian friends! I'm on a new laptop! 'Yoru' has officially retired and this one's name is 'Aspy'. I'm on most of the time but if you catch me when I'm not I'll get back to you soon! (Yeah no life)
~ Melphy =^_^=

Age: 9, (Hooray for hormones!) Or at least I act like it!
Sex: Female
Looks: I'm your stereotypical Irish girl, people even mistake me for a leprechaun. (It's because I'm short >.< wink
Likes: Bring random, acting like a cat, (I do this IRL too!) people who make me laugh, strawberries, giving/ receiving advice, fanservice, Yaoi/ Yuri and angst.
Hates: Being called short, labels, Homophobes, and tomatoes (yuck!) being bored, and dresses!
Wants: Someone to be my semi and set me free from this stupid house!
Status: Single ....
Prefers: "love is love" Male or female, as long as you treat me with respect and care.

The AMV Harry Potter
Song(s): Alohamora
Remixed by: Pogo