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Gender: Male

Birthday: 08/25

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*annoying idiot noises*

hi i want to vomit

i work and sleep a lot

what is socializing

some likes: coffee, whiskey, honeydew, anime and manga, horror, modern fantasy, supernatural, drawing, writing, little stuff, not owing money, videogames kinda, men's hoodies, foxes, wolves, cats, a lot of other stuff

some dislikes: the obvious bullshit, storms, ugly faces so I guess I shouldn't look in a reflective surface, when my vibrating death pillows sink their knives into my flesh, owing money, a lot of other stuff

I do draw and write but more so the latter lately and even then nothing gets accomplished but it keeps my mind busy. my avatar is often one of my ocs

some little and other objects/junk I collect:

- button pins (those shiny guys eventually)
- charms and other trinkets
- flatbacks
- keychains/phone charms
- toys/figurines
- miniatures
- stickers
- cards/prints/art
- jars
- manga and other books

feel free to drop by and talk to me about your ocs or writing projects sometime
seriously don't hesitate. I love exchanging ideas
or we could chat about something else ig but full disclosure I'll struggle more to keep the conversation going

my about me changes a lot so it probably won't stay like this for long

I really need to fill out my interests


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eats melon til i puke