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Hey, Toph here,
In case you don't know me, well you should know *grumbles* dunderheads......, I'm twelve years old and if you didn't notice,*waves hand in front of face*, I'm blind. Plus, I happen to be traveling withe Avatar, my pal Aang, and his earth bending teacher. Also traveling with the sugar queen, Katara, and her annoying brother Sokka.

If you wanna know my whole story, here it is.
My full name is Toph Bei Fong, and I was born blind, and born into the rich Bei Fong family. Normally, people would think that being the only child of a rich family would be totally awesome.......well they are WRONG. My parents were very over-protective with me. Having guards with me almost 24/7, and hiding my from the entire world. Everybody thinking that the Bei Fong family had no children.......But luckily, for me, I would be able to sneak out and go to Earth Rumble becoming the Champion under my nickname, the Blind Bandit. I had learned earthbending, from some Badgermoles I met, from the many times I had ran away from home, by imitating their movements.

I had met Aang, Katara, and Sokka, one day at Earth Rumble. He had tried to talk to me, saying he wanted from me to teach him earth bending, or something like that, but I was more into the fight. But as I attacked he had pushed me off the ring, causing him to be the somewhat Champion. I was pretty pissed off at him that day, but what really surprised me, was when he some how found me, and still tried to convince me. But I scared them off by calling the guards. He then actually came to my house, invited in as a special guest, and stayed there for the night.
We both went outside, talking, I like him a bit more there, but that's when we both got captured by Xin Fu and some of the other contestants. We were then rescued by Katara and Sokka, and that's also when I proved that I wasn't a helpless blind girl to my dad, by beating the crap out of all the contestants and Xin Fu, once again. Once back home, my parents went over what happened and decided to be even more over protective than they were before. But I had enough with that, I secrectly ran away with Aang, Katara and Sokka, to become his earth bending teacher.
Which caused my dad to send Xin Fu and my wanna-be earth bending instructor, Master Yu, after me. They eventually got me, but while they were bringing me back, in a cage, I had discovered metal bending, *smirks*. Yeah I'm that awesome. So yeah, we continued our journey yadda-yadda, I almost died, yadda-yadda. Then we finally ended the war as Aang defeated Ozai. Now everything is pretty boring and I somehow miss the least the action.......That's mostly it, I guess thanks for listening.
Anywaaaaays, Toph Out!

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iWaterbender Katara Report | 05/03/2012 3:44 pm
iWaterbender Katara
*Sees status* Imma still somewhat here~! xD You still need to reply to this RP, woman > - > hurrhurr.
iWaterbender Katara Report | 02/24/2012 11:12 pm
iWaterbender Katara
(( LOL the "like" comment made me laugh : D. Gioaoreage; it ain't faceboooooook, FOO :B ))

Katara hummed lightly, opening the door at the entrance to find Toph lounging out front. Typical. The waterbender sighed lightly, trying to relax herself. She didn't want to break into pointless conflict with the blind girl. Here goes nothing...
Approaching the earthbender, Katara fidgeted with a hair loopie, glancing elsewhere. "Hey, um... Toph... I have a favor to ask... could you... sometime... I dunno, um... train me... you know, to be physically... stronger?" Wow. That took a long time to get out. Katara bit her lip, waiting for the snarky reply from the younger girl.
iWaterbender Katara Report | 02/20/2012 3:30 pm
iWaterbender Katara
(( I can't believe I'm doing this... HOW DO YOU EXPECT ME TO DO THIS AND STILL BE IN-CHARACTER D: ))

Katara was not in the greatest mood. Sokka had been teasing her again today, and something he had done stuck to her shortly after she stormed off, fuming with anger. She was forced to really think about something: When Sokka had playfully punched her arm, she said "ow," rubbing it, hissing, like a boulder had hit her instead of Sokka's knuckles. She knew she was a skillful master waterbender, and it brought her a lot of respect from her friends and people. But how could she be truly respected as a strong female watertribe warrior if she was, in actuality... probably... well, a little weak? She was obviously never one for fist-fights. As far as she could remember, there was no reason for anyone to punch her (unless it was Toph). She had always used bending to protect herself.

In her room in the apartment in Ba Sing Se the gang decided to stay in, she sighed inwardly, staring at the bowl of water in front of her. She had meant to practice with it to cool her anger, but started to have second thoughts. Maybe she should consider some physical muscle training? The kind that... Toph did...

Oh, monkeyfeathers. Was she really considering this? She had seen how Toph tried to teach Aang earthbending. She was hardcore. But then again, Katara could probably deal with that. She'd gone through a lot the past couple years, and Toph's yelling at her to do 50 more pushups was something she shouldn't have to worry about. She sighed, rolling up her sleeves, looking to the door. Toph was probably lounging somewhere either in the apartment or out front. Katara decided to get up and investigate for the blind girl.
Kaela Simca Report | 01/25/2012 10:00 pm
Kaela Simca
You never see any sparky sparky boom man cosplays o.o
iWaterbender Katara Report | 07/27/2011 10:24 am
iWaterbender Katara
XD Cuz it's totally been so long since we've last spoken.
Actually, scratch that, yes, it's been a while. o - O

Not much, wassup with you? xD
Syreni Abyssi Report | 07/04/2011 9:46 am
Syreni Abyssi
cool avi!
konata chibi Report | 07/03/2011 7:29 pm
konata chibi
happy birthday :3hope you have an awesome birthday
The 10th Doctor Allons-y Report | 07/02/2011 8:53 pm
The 10th Doctor Allons-y
hey toph
iiTz D3M0 Report | 07/02/2011 3:05 am
iiTz D3M0
Happy Bday Broo. mrgreen
*Gives Pie*
Have a Beast Day. xd
Legend of Aang Report | 06/26/2011 9:52 pm
Legend of Aang
XD Hey, check this out. o.o It's pretty beast.


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