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Hi, I'm Mia!

I'm 26, in Canada!

I want to learn how to draw. Draw reality. Not from 'how to' tutorials, though those are nice. I mean... I want to learn how to get myself to draw from reality. It's so hard. I've been dissosiated for so long. It's my main goal right now, though. To get myself to care about reality, be in reality. To stop running away.

To create.

I want to do things, to accomplish things- as in, to finish them and feel fulfilled- I want to make mistakes, to put love into something, to admire something and do something about it. To create, and to draw from my own experiences and things I've drawn and seen and studied and cared about. I want to establish my own life and personality.

I'm generally friendly, have a hard time knowing what to say in conversation. I'm shy, anxious, and can be very uncertain. When I'm confident I'm generally a jerk and say things which are awkward or don't make much sense.

My goals are to learn how to Organize, learn how to Have Hobbies and Enjoy things on My Own, and to learn how to socialize comfortably without playing a character.

I'll be around on gaiatowns, see me try to talk and understand what to say to people haha. Or talk to inanimate objects. Not to be 'lol random' but to entertain myself. Y'know. Kind of like self rp. I get overly playful, Hm.

I do love roleplay and character creation. I really admire what people can do. I have my own characters. I haven't text rped in years.

Ummm. I like jokes. And art. I really love art. And I like colours and shapes and peoples passions and BOOKS and comedy and horror and mystery and scary stuff and fantasy and learning! I appreciate things that people create, I'd really like to be able to make stories of my own one day!

I want to be able to live as me. I'm sorry if I'm super awkward.


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Anny-Sama Report | 05/22/2018 8:42 pm
Hi! Cute avi nvn
Candy330 Report | 04/20/2018 1:44 pm
Aww, thanx heart Your avi's very cute! 4laugh
Sinful Goth Report | 04/18/2018 4:39 pm
Sinful Goth
Thank you for buying one of my creations smile
kaydollface Report | 04/16/2018 8:04 pm
Why thank you my dear heart
Rhebi Report | 04/11/2018 10:25 am
YAASSS A SUPER CHATTY FRIEND User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

I like sweet and salty foods even sour(?) depends on the level of sournessss i dont lke spicy though i can't stand'em mad
I once tried making a crepe, it turned to be like scrambled egg emotion_facepalm i don't even know how

YEAAAA Typography!! mostly i post my art on instagram though i'll pm you my instagram, drawing some texts designing'em still learning to calligraphy though so hard gonk

oohh!!! thats cooooll !! this previous anime been really good lately, so hard too keep up gonk

no-- no please, one time my friend scared me when i was out from the bathroom, i accidently elbowed him on the stomach due to instant reflex of surprised well it wasn't my fault, i just can't stand the jump scare , this pure heart can't handle the intensity of the scare emotion_facepalm
Hary Starr Report | 04/10/2018 2:58 pm
Hary Starr
Thanks for the purchases!!
Valansi Report | 04/10/2018 10:24 am
Thank you so much! whee An anon gifted me this hair, so I had to give it a try.

Yeah, I was amazed when I found my library carried manga. xD I had tons of volumes of that and some american graphic novels.
The library wasn't too far. They have a lot of branches around, so there's never one too far.
All of that is very true. ^_^

The place was not really like cozy-cushy. They were just kind of like a normal business. Lots of shelves, some wooden tables and chairs scattered for people to read/work at and a spot for their computer bank for people who either wanted the digital catalog or to borrow the computer for whatever. (You got an hour-long limit after you signed in with your card number)
Rhebi Report | 04/10/2018 6:57 am

i like foods anything sweet and anything salty
actually recently i've been craving some sweets idk why, perhaps my sweet tooth is switched on
but don't worry my weight is still alright, after all i'm one of those who eat a lot but can't get fat (uwu)

i like too draaaww anything i can, mostly just sketches or some typography, recently i've been starting to draw more characters with gaia avis as references

as for anime hmmmmmmmm i like actions, drama, slice of life, comedy genre even romance! been keeping up with lots of previous season's anime lately emotion_facepalm
like Violet Evergarden, Darling in The Franxx, Keppeki Danshi, etc. Konosuba is also very good!!, i don't like cliche densed MC / Harem genre though.
what anime do you watch recently and what genre do you like? 3nodding

i don't like Horror, i can't stand horror genre, anything but horror, please no emotion_facepalm emotion_facepalm
Greydustbunni Report | 04/09/2018 8:44 pm
Thank you!! you're is cute too!!
Valansi Report | 04/08/2018 7:47 pm
I've read so many different authors. xD My second home was the library, especially during middle school and high school. The fantasy/sci-fi section was just too full of treasures. I used to bring home huge bunches of books, before they changed the limit to just ten at a time.
Yeah, it's nice to be so passionate about something that you just can't help but do it for the rest of your life like that.



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