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Birthday: 04/01

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Allarina Winter Pearl on 07/20/2019

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Within the Devine wishes is a Trobing zealious love, portrayed yett alone and Lost. She ever let go and be free from all the saints and Sinners. The Devine Love is Gone. The Retribution of this never ending dream shall forever be fosaken.
Hello, my name is Melody. There is alot to learn about me, alot of Special things...
I Was put here on this Planet Febuary 23,1994 Yes that makes me 16. In ways i've done alot of things in my life in others parts I've Done Nothing. Eaither you Love me or Hate me, But its your Choice on Eaither. I've been in and Around Gaia Since 2006. I Like to talk alot, im a Very Zealious Person and i Like to Have fun.
I Am Dating TxC-SWAGG.<-----(He's Awsome)

I Have these scars in my life I've been trying to Heal... There still there Though i still feel them.
Forever stoping, forever dreaming. That Love, that Death that left from my lips, it didnt kill you. This Hurt me and Remorse shapes my life. I Follow, I Watch. You Make me Cringe when i see you. This Ocupational force pushes me, moves me. Dont punish me, dont hurt me. I Have Now created my own world I've been scared, dont stare, dont wonder. I Never did anthing to you but love. Together nothing was Sacrid, together we were alone. This Love is Forsaken.
I Dont Love you Anymore.

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Within the ocean deep there always is just a little love.


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