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Oh, where the hell do I start....
I'm a very emotional and rash person, acting upon my whim a lot of times without thinking things through. This makes me dangerous and unpredictable to all those around me. I guess you can say I'm - smirks - dangerous? People like to say I have a dangerous personality. I'm more willful and act on emotions, than anything. Not at all reserved, and I speak out whenever I can, basically speaking my mind, though it does take precautions, when I put my mind to some things I might forget these precautions and go through my plans.

My past? Well...
For as long as I can remember, I never really had parents to remember. When I was young or whatever, I was left alone and pretty much abandoned. My parents had left for some sort of trip and never came back for, like, weeks. I was fine alone though. I always learned pretty fast and figured out how to do things and work things on my own without any problem. when I got hungry, I ate, when I got thirsty I pulled a chair up to the sink and got water. It wasn't that big of a deal that they weren't there. I always stayed inside like they had told me too. I even taught myself how to use the microwave and the washing machine. I was always really angry that they weren't back for so long, I guess I just thought they hated me now and wanted to be alone.

So one day this guy came to the door. I didn't answer, but he saw me inside and called the police to break it down. They all seemed surprised I'd lasted so long without anybody taking care of me. They took me to the police station and told me my parents were in an accident and that they had just found their bodies after they did their research. But I didn't have any other family aside from them, so their disappearances weren't even reported. Idiot never said what kind of accident, I guess the point was: they were dead.

From then, I was taken to an orphanage. Always really different than all of the other kids, and never getting along with them because they would never let me play in their games for to long. I pretty much kept my distance after they abandoned me as well.
It was only till then I realized how much different I was. My level of intelligence always passed over theirs, I figured out things faster then them, making their games no challenge for me as it was for them.

It was only a week more until someone had came for me from that orphanage, the guy's name was Quillish Wammy. He, from there, took me to this place called Wammy's house for gifted orphans. I don't like thinking of myself as an orphan, the word just sounds hopeless and pathetic. I like to think I'm gifted though, that part can say. I was never nice to anybody there. This place being totally different then the other place. All the kids were all at my level of thinking, or over; I hated it.
Though, I did make a few friends there, since the kids there would actually let me play in their games, along with making a few close friends, and my best friend, Matt. I was a bad a**, the kids actually after a while started to look up to me. And why not? I was damn good.
I was trained, along the side of this loner kid, Near, and a few others, to be the successor of this famous detective known as L. And one day, before my 15th birthday was the day that L had finally died.
Let me tell you a little about this kid Near. A loner kid who never went outside to play with anyone, always staying inside, working on his damn puzzles and s**t, keeping everything to himself and never paying attention to the other kids. He turned everything around. According to Wammy's, he's the best. I'm always second to him.
So, L's death was the last straw. Instantly, after L's death they even had the nerve to ask us to work together, Near and I. Screw that, not when I know I can do it alone.

Not being the chosen one, I got really ******** pissed, hated Near even more, left, and ended up as head of the Mafia at the age of 15.
Alot of time has passed since then, three years. I'm no longer workin in the Mafia and I live with my cohort Matt.

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