*Ahem* Introductions:

*:O hai der, issa me, the Mellllow!
A.K.A - The Gif Goddess, Pun go-to-er and 4,00494 imaged.jpeg memer. ovo;;

5 '6 miss and in my early 20's- yeee bebeeee. (ω )

Well let me just start off by saying, hi, I love people and I am very bubbly. //
I am very open, a full-time adventurer and a healer.
My most enjoyed theme activity is making others laugh, spread positive vibes and have a good time.
Might I add I'm also hella weird and goofy. LOL

I like a lot of things;;
One of those thingies, when first observed, is I adore LED lights. {they so purty} ()
WEEB 2.0, a Retro-Gamer (fond of the SNES console/PC/Wii-U gamer).//
I have a massive sweet tooth and you can pretty much get me to do anything when
you're offering myself bubble tea or sushi. JUST SAYINNNN.
I am passionate when it comes to my Ukulele and I enjoy creating artwork. (link with my sig).
Anyway, there are SOOOO MACH stuff I could talk about but.. *pssst*..

-- this is the part where you PM me and we talk about 9427729 things on it. (ω)