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Subject 626 Data Log Entry: Is there anyone else out there?

I am known as Subject 626, also known as Melchiah Frances Knighting. If you are reading this, then you must be in search for someone who can help destroy the entities chasing after you. So I say welcome to the right person, for I am known as one of the fifteen most dangerous hybrids roaming throughout the lands. Though, many of our kind has died off due to the hunters in which chase us day in and out. You see, I was not always like "abomination" to the world as they call it. During the Medieval Age, I was one of the princesses knights, given the job to protect her with my life. For years I stood guard in front the throne, defending the walls of our kingdom from the forces who sought to over power our princess from the start. For years I killed many in battle, letting the blade pierce through the armor and bone of many soldiers before me. Those years were victorious for our kingdom, until the clans from the darkness emerged. From deep within the forests and ruins, these dark beings had risen from their graves, attacking kingdoms in armies that numbered thousands. Their speed was great, their abilities exceeded those of regular mortals and they healed at rates beyond our comprehension. After hearing about these beings our kingdom had been on high alert, increasing the defensive barriers placed around the kingdom itself. As safe as we thought we had been, we were mistaken. Villagers began attacking and killing others, leaving the fresh corpses dried of blood with puncture wounds in their neck. The screams of families being slaughtered echoed through the air, traveling to the castle itself. Not even our spell casters were ready for this type of warfare. Within minutes they destroyed the village, killing and transforming the once living souls into blood thirsty creatures. From the highest point of the tower, I could see the army of ten-thousand dashing to the castle, their narrowed eyes ranging in different colors. Our defenses were set up around the castle walls itself, arrows being shot into the air, only to rain down hell upon our victims. Powerful spell casters obliterating lines of enemies with various spells. For a while the defenses held until they penetrated our first line of defense, dispelling any holy barriers set up around the castles entrance. As they broke through many tore through the lines, destroying equipment and people in their path. In anger I rushed down the spiral stairs in the tower, hoping to get to the princess before these creatures could get through the gates. As I stepped off of the last stone stair, I watched as the dark ones penetrated through the castle walls themselves, leaving nothing but a trail of blood and body parts in their wake. I unsheathed my sword as one of the darkling turned their head into my direction, a hissing sound emerging from their now bared teeth. The skin of my enemy was pale, signifying that my enemy was not of the living. His whitened teeth were only sharpened at the carnivores, being larger than they should have been. His crimson eyes narrowed as he dashed at me, almost seeming to disappear in front of my eyes are he moved at my. With my sword drawn I focused upon his movement, slashing my sword horizontally as he came at me. In pure luck I managed to pierce his waistline, watching as blood poured from the wound with his entrails following. He let out a growl of pain as the body dropped to the floor in pain, convulsing around until he finally came to a stop. Whether he was dead or not, I knew I could not underestimate these darklings. I ran forward through the blood covered halls, hearing nothing but my footsteps echoing as I rushed to the princesses throne room. Upon arrival the door was ripped from its hinges and thrown to the floor, revealing a bloodied room of both darklings and knights. Out of the casualties had been the princess herself, her corpse dangling off of her chair, the neck exposed. In horror I witnessed what had finally been the end of our kingdom and the beginning of a new world. A world in which these dark ones run about, killing and destroying all within their way. I ran to the princess hoping to at least find some sign of life, but as I neared to her a powerful force threw me back like a ragdoll, my body hitting the wall with immense force. The pain was unbearable and the force of impact shattered armor off of my body. My helmet still intact I managed to stand up, watching as a silhouette formed in the middle of the room, its icy blue eyes staring at me. Behind him many of his followers stood guard by the princess, watching as she regained her senses. Although, she was not the same princess I guarded years ago. The voice of the silhouette echoed through the room, his medium soft tone letting out a little laugh.

"It seems that this mighty kingdom has finally come to its end. How unfortunate that this had to end so soon. Though, Melchiah...We have heard much about you. Your war stories traveled through the lands and into our ruins, giving us an interest into your kingdom. With what has been done you are the final knight standing within this area, though I am curious to see what you do." He spoke to me. My hatred for this man grew as he mocked my home and its people, acting as if we were an un-mighty race in its own. Acting upon my own blind rage I charged at the man, hoping to slash through his skin and put an end to their leader. Before I had the chance to swing the sword was knocked out of my hand, his strong hands grasping me and lifting me into the air. He snicked in response to my action, pulling off my helmet. Without warning the man bit into my neck, his fangs sliding into my skin like a knife through butter. Feeling every ounce of my life drain out of me, I knew this was the end of our kingdom. Our knights slaughtered like cattle and left to rot, while the princess was taken into a new life. Things for me went fuzzy within the ten seconds of this bite, then darkness shrouded my vision. I could not hear, I could not see, I could no longer feel anything. I felt..cold.. For what seemed like an eternity within this blackened world, I could taste an iron in my soul, almost as if it were flowing down my throat. The taste was horrible at first, until my body grew accustomed to it fast, making the iron taste like candy within my mouth. I swallowed each drop until it stopped slipping down my throat, only to next feel the unexplainable pain flow through my body. It felt as if every organ in my body was dying out, feeling as if it were ripping out of my body. For sixteen seconds I felt this pain, until it stopped. Seconds after I could find myself opening my eyes, my blurred vision coming to full view. My hearing now returned, but almost as if it here heightened somehow. My body felt...different. It felt as if I had been reborn into a physically built body.. I stood up slowly as I noticed the kingdom around me had been collapsed, piles of bones scattered everywhere as sun protruded through the cracks of the decrepit castle. I looked around the room more, only to find a weapon lying in a skeletons hands, this strange blade curved and emitting a strange red aura. The handle had a skull marking and the teeth seemed that of a vampires. Whatever it was my initial instinct was to take this weapon for my own, hoping to put it to good use. A strange feeling left me at an unease with the blade as I carried it around the room. This was no ordinary blade for of its power, it seemed hexed with an ancient ability.

Skipping ahead a century I began to run away from many as I realized that my new life was no longer one to be proud of. I was no longer a human, but one of the dark ones. Many have come to name us the hybrids, but....from what I have heard other countries have different names for us. Being within the European continues, I have noticed that we are now reduced to the final fifteen hybrids of this era. So, I ask that if anyone else is out there, come and find me. It will not be hard to find the trail of one who has been searching for others just like himself. Though, there is a kingdom just beyond where I am currently placed at. You see, these forest ruins aren't the only things out here. Within the distance another kingdom is spotted and is highly respected among the land. It strangely resembles the kingdom I once lived in a century ago. Rumors from others around the area speak of a princess Adamarisa...If any information on her or the kingdom, find the shadow ruins within the forests of souls. Informants will be there to take your information.. Until then, I will hope I can find more of you later.

Subject 626: September 12, 1567


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Provik Report | 01/22/2014 3:45 pm
User Image

Adamarisa Report | 10/09/2013 9:01 pm
I... See. So, you are hoping that from us knowing early what is going on that we will be able to destroy him that way? That by him not knowing that we already know of him he will be honestly surprised?

You may talk to my parents and gain their trust, but I do not know how much good that will do you, as you don't appear to look anything like a court elf with that attire, and court elves are the only ones who get attention with matters this serious... Do you even have any money for clothes other than armor? Nice clothes, at least something to make you appear like an off-duty knight, or a knight at all? Your current armor is too dark... They may think you a pawn of said master, here to gain our trust and then destroy us from the inside.
Adamarisa Report | 10/09/2013 8:45 pm
I... see. *sighs* Well then, this will be a problem... What do you suggest we do? I mean, obviously we cannot go to your people, and as you are a vampire, I am unsure of what my people will say. Surely you thought of something before coming to me with these plans for a treaty your people know nothing of and a warning?
Not to say that this information is not helpful, but what do you want to do about it all? We can not run, your master, as you call him, would eventually find us, and if other kingdoms are falling, what is to say ours will not fall also?
Adamarisa Report | 10/09/2013 8:18 pm
You forget that elves live just as long as vampires do, or hybrids, as you must remember them being called. Elves can die from human diseases, but that is more rare with advanced healing magic these days... Magic you probably know nothing about, as you don't even know of the term 'vampire'. More than a treaty, though, you say? ...a warning? Why would your kind give my kingdom a warning or propose a treaty? Your kind has hated this kingdom since this kingdom was built centuries ago.
Don't mistake me, though, I am only 210 years old. You are probably much older, at least by three centuries, but, anyways... What is this warning for, and what do you want to be the terms of the treaty?
Adamarisa Report | 10/09/2013 7:41 pm
...centuries ago, a curse? That must mean... Are you a vampire, elf, or ancient? No, you could not be an ancient. That must mean you are a vampire, as elves do not consider living for centuries a curse. So, you must be one of those vampires from my forest. *lays a hand on your shoulder, unwilling to show fear* Why are you here? For a treaty, or something else? *tilts my head slightly* And sir, if you are a knight, you must know that those not royal must call me by the either the title Lady, or Princess. Of course my country is strong. But if you want a treaty, you should really speak to my father... Sorry if I am talking strange to you. I try to answer or reply to everything at once...
Tekaru Okami Report | 10/09/2013 10:26 am
Tekaru Okami
thank you for your purchase ^^
Adamarisa Report | 07/09/2013 8:23 pm
FFF. <3 I'll put you on there then, honey. I rarely put people on there.
Call me papi jr Report | 07/07/2013 12:36 am
Call me papi jr
ty u for buying and come again soon biggrin
Adamarisa Report | 07/06/2013 1:19 pm
So then, you have to be on.
Adamarisa Report | 07/06/2013 1:17 pm
You already are on. ~

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