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fail rap battle

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melanie elizabeth(:

♥ Melanie is what they call me when they try to get my attention, I guess you could call it my name but I have many names, cause no one can ever get it right. Im just your average sixteen year old girl, and I couldn’t be happier(: I live for my friends, family, and music, without any of them id be nothing. I try to live like I don’t have a tomorrow, and I look stupid on a daily basis. Im a clumsy person, I run into walls, and I drop things, a lot. Im not coordinated either, I fall off of trampolines and slip in the mud like ive been doing it my whole life, which I have. There isn’t one moment where I don’t have a bruise or cut on me somewhere.
im loud and I dunno, random? I trust waaay too easily, but i'm working on it, because the past year has taught me a lot about myself, and my so called "friends". I enjoy talking to random people so talk to me? Im good at listening to peoples' problems, but when I have a problem, no one is there for me.. going to the mall with me and my friends is an amazing experience. You have to see it to believe it xD
Im a little kid at heart, and I don’t wanna grow up. im always looking for a good time, and my friends don’t let me down, but I get entertained easily, its my natural state of being.
I'm a taken girl, who found her prince charming.(:

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-neon colors(:-
-guys(specifically my boyfriend <3 )-
-hello kitty-
- the people who have been there for me through everything-
-purple [my favorite color]-
-the internet-
-many other things that you’ll just have to find out for yourself [heehee]-

-clowns [im scared of them… don’t laugh]-
-drama.. although i get in it a lot. D:-
-backstabbing bitches-
-im not the person to hate many things so find out for yourself what bothers me-

random pms, comments, and adds make me smile(: im friendly, I wont bite, I promise :] I will reply no matter what. Talk to me and ill be your best friend forever(: im not a person who could be described in a few paragraphs, so get to know me, im pretty darn sure that you wont regret it!(:



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Melanie :]

place for extra pics etc. its a surprise(: (OH GOD IGNORE THESE. SO OLD. AND GROSS.)

talk to meh!

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Branden Morgan Report | 06/20/2013 4:56 am
Hello :]
Syndrome 0f A Down Report | 03/03/2012 3:39 pm
Random comment for a random person.
emomuffins11 Report | 01/06/2012 9:59 pm
Hey kid! I miss ya!
Behemoth Vampyre Prince Report | 01/09/2011 4:42 pm
OMG! Hey! How are you doing?! biggrin
mandipandi13_rawr Report | 12/20/2010 2:27 pm
Cotton Kitten Report | 11/21/2010 10:34 am
post this into 10 profiles, press F9, then log out and in then you get $100,000. it really works
Metro_Cupcake Report | 06/09/2010 10:00 pm
Captain Rasta Bird Report | 04/04/2010 3:02 pm
i remember u, hey how r ya
drunkenfox Report | 02/11/2010 12:07 pm
its fine
I respect your kindness and understanding but that's how things are unfortunately
I Asphyxiate I Report | 02/09/2010 2:00 pm
I hope so too XD It would be pritty lame if we didn't haha.


I'm melanie. I like to smile.(:


lookie what these awesome people made me! (:

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things change,
"friends" leave, and life doesnt stop
for anybody