b0uT ME!!!!:)

Ma naMe iS meLaNie! Ma birTHdaY iS feB.23. 2.23.1996!! iM 13 yeAr oLd!! Ma beStiE iS alExiS but sHe doSnT hAv a gAiA bUt i loVe mYspAce! moSt oF mA frIenDz hAv mYspAceZ! smile Ma fAv. cOlOrz r rEd,n bLacK!! smile I loVee aNimaLz! Ma frIendZ r mA eVertHinG sO u ******** wiTh them uR ******** wiTh me!! lolZ i lYk 2 say "iDk" but 1 oF mA heart eVertHinGz heart wiLL he sAyZ "i guess" so yEaH!! smile wiLL i dNt hAv mUUch 2 SAY...........BIIZ!! smile :HEART: oOoOohh...... JAIME kNoWz y i lYk dIs dAte..........>3...... heart 7.5.09 heart !!!!