Hello there! My name is Mela~! It's nice to meet you 3nodding
What do you need to know about me? Hm... Let's see...
I'm an artist who works at a small retro video game shop. I love playing video games and watching anime and reading horror manga. I'm in love with Clannad and Tokyo Ghouli; I crave anything from Junji Ito as well.

I've been away from my account for awhile, but I have decided to play a little each day. I love meeting new friends and am still learning the ins and outs of Gaia, so be patient with my noobiness sweatdrop

If you wanna know anything else, please message me or comment below emotion_bigheart


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Kawaii Kyuubi-chan

Report | 11/05/2017 5:43 pm

Kawaii Kyuubi-chan

Lol, same! XD

I agree with you, learning new languages is always useful. 3nodding I think it's like this for learning in general though ^_^ There weren't mandatory languages in my school when I went there, but I know during the Soviet occupation Russian was a mandatory language to learn. And I think now in many schools English is mandatory and then some years later you can pick some other that is provided 3nodding
Spanish is a very useful language to know! There are quite a few Spanish speaking countries out there. I remember when I was little I wanted to learn Spanish (mainly because I was so into the Spanish soap operas at the time rofl Now I can't stand them, lol! XD) Italian and Spanish do have many similarities and it would definitely be easier to learn one if you already know the other. Same with Estonian and Finnish, those are very similar too 3nodding

I do! I live out in the country side with my husband and in-laws ^_^ Yes, Australia is similar, but a lot warmer XD And more dangerous too! XD There are no snakes here in New Zealand and no super poisonous and scary spiders either! Some areas do get snow, especially in the south. My area can get the watery melty sleety kind of thing (although many New Zealanders refer to it as snow XD) And the mountains get snow too. In fact there's some snow on a nearby mountain right now. In terms of seasons, you really can tell the difference. Spring and autumn can both be rainy... So can the winter and it gets colder XD But summer is nice and warm ^_^ It was hard for me to really see the New Zealand winter as a winter, because the weather reminded me more of late autumn in Estonia XD No-no, don't apologize for the questions, they're not silly. I didn't know much about New Zealand at first either and was asking very similar questions.
Lol, in Estonia we have a saying that if you go to a place where it's warm during Christmas, you'll spend your Christmas under a palm tree XD But at least in New Zealand that is really not the case XD We still ave pine trees here and my new family found that saying very amusing!

I didn't have much traveling experience before coming to New Zealand. I had only been in the neighbouring countries. And it was my first time on a plane as well, so that was exciting! XD I haven't been back to Estonia yet. I'm hoping that perhaps I can go for a visit there sometime next year. The tickets aren't cheap though XD I've been in New Zealand for a little over a year now and that's the longest I've been away from my family ever. XD I still speak with them on Gmail and Skype though, so it's not too bad ^_^

Oh yes, I'm the same! I'm the worst combination of perfectionist and laziness... I want to make what ever I'm making perfect but at the same time I can start to feel lazy midway through, but it bothers me so much if something isn't perfect XD And it's all about those tiniest details too XD

I'm looking forward to it! ^_^ Lol, I don't mind translating things XD Hmm, that would be "Ja ämblik armus kärbsesse ning siis sõi ta ära" emotion_omnomnom
Kawaii Kyuubi-chan

Report | 11/04/2017 4:38 pm

Kawaii Kyuubi-chan

I often forget about them too XD I haven't collected them for the past few events, I just started again this Halloween 3nodding

I have no idea what they were thinking XD Maybe they were drunk or something, lol XD It sounds a little clumsy in estonian and why would you even need to completely change the title? gonk Though, like you said it sounds kind cool in english XD
Learning new languages is always useful 3nodding Sadly, estonian is quite a hard language to learn and you wouldn't be able to use it really either. Unless you have some estonian friends and/or you plan to visit of course 3nodding In school I learned some german and russian, but I'm not really able to use them in RL, which is kinda sad XD I do understand some though! And I've always wanted to learn japanese (well, not always, but like since middle school, so for quite a while already XD) But just thinking about all the kanji needed to learn really punches my motivation in the gut emo But maybe someday XD Hopefully XD

Yes, I do miss Estonia and the landscape but I also really enjoy it here! It's very different but I like it just as much ^_^ If you've seen any of the Lord of the Ring movies, you've actually already seen the landscape of New Zealand 3nodding And I forgot to tell you the BIGGEST difference between Estonia and New Zealand! ( I can't believe I forgot actually) The seasons are the opposite here! We're having spring now and Christmas will be during summer XD That is so hard to get used to!
Well, it was a very big deal to go so far away from home, but at the same time, I wanted to meet my then future in-laws and I really wanted to see the country my husband grew up in. What really helped me was that I wasn't alone. I probably wouldn't have done it alone XD My husband was living in Estonia with me at the time and he had the experience I didn't about traveling so far. It was quite hard saying bye to my family at the airport though XD But yeah, I don't regret it!

Yes it really can! That's why I'm not more into artsy stuff sadly XD I wouldn't mind doing some carving too, but I really wanna make stuff! Things like furniture and stuff!

Oh, I would love to see! ^_^ I'm sure you can do it! Also, your status thing made me giggle rofl
Kawaii Kyuubi-chan

Report | 11/03/2017 11:44 pm

Kawaii Kyuubi-chan

I haven't done the event thing for several days now XD I just get my wing sticker 3nodding No idea why I get them though, since I never use them, lol XD

Lol, ironically that's not very hard to translate XD It would be "Minu nimi on Petey ja mulle meeldib valida välja raskesti tõlgitavaid lauseid" Instead of the word "things" I used the word "sentences" because it sounds better in estonian that way 3nodding Yes, it is cool, but some of them are just ridiculous XD Like you know Disney's Frozen? If I translate the estonian title into english, it would be "Snow queen and eternal winter" while they could've just used the word for frozen in estonian. There is one, I know it XD
No, not anymore. I moved to New Zealand a little over a year ago. It was a very big change for me! New Zealand and Estonia are on the opposite sides of the world from each other and the landscape is quite different too. While Estonia is very flat (the highest point is only 318 m from the sea level!), New Zealand has many hills all around where I live at the moment, so that's very different XD

Oh, that sounds very fun and interesting! I'm sure you can do it! Lately I've been quite interested in woodworking, but I haven't had the chance to start on it yet. Unfortunately there are quite a few tools involved in it too (that I don't have, lol) XD
Adding pics is quite easy actually. All you need to do is to have it somewhere on the internet, get the URL of the picture and then click on the IMG button just above all the emotes and then an little text window will pop up and that's where you need to paste the picture's URL and then hit OK and it's done! It won't show up in the text though, it'll show up as a code. But when you either submit or preview, you'll be able to see it 3nodding
I hope my explanation isn't confusing XD
Kawaii Kyuubi-chan

Report | 10/31/2017 3:13 pm

Kawaii Kyuubi-chan

Well that's hood at least! ^_^
I think there is some other achievement for it, but you get it for reaching level 10 or something if I remember correctly... I'm struggling to reach level 6 even so I don't think I'll even try, lol XD I think I only killed like 17 people XD Annnd I healed 342 people (I just went to check for that) 3nodding I'm definitely a better healer than I a killer blaugh

Nah, replying twice isn't spamming... I'd consider it a spam if it was like 5+ times in a row and the exact same wording and stuff, so no worries! ^_^

Hmm, "Happy Halloween" would be "ilusat halloweeni" and the other one... You like to pick hard to translate things, don't you, lol XD But I think it would be something like "sügisel meeldib mulle teha "The Twilight Zone and The Munsters" maratoni." So in this sentence I decided to leave the title as it is, because I don't know if it even has in estonian title or not (in some cases the titles translated into estonian can be really different from the original english title and it really pisses me off when they do that XD). And also I changed the order of the words around a little, so it would sound more like a sentence and less like a direct translation in estonian, in english it would be like "in fall I like to do The Twilight Zone and The Munsters marathon" As you probably noticed, I used "I like" instead of "I love" and that's because in estonian "I love" is quite a strong phrase, that you normally wouldn't say, unless you really really loved that something (or someone). Oops, sorry for that massive amount of text. redface

I do like do to artsy and crafty things, but I haven't done any in a while now (like over a year XD). I used to make some jewelry with beads and some wire and I occasionally I also made cards, picture frames (I bought a simple frame and then decorated it with glitter and stuff) and I even made a photo album in a similar way. 3nodding It was loads of fun! whee But all my supplies are in Estonia XD I also enjoy drawing and doodling, but I haven't done that in a while either XD
Kawaii Kyuubi-chan

Report | 10/30/2017 9:53 pm

Kawaii Kyuubi-chan

Oh dear! Just reading about it makes me feel tired! XD
Now I want to have some pizza... But we don't have any emo Oh well, maybe on the weekend XD
I'm doing fine! ^_^ I'm bored of the Halloween even though, it's really repetitive gonk
Also, did you happen to see my reply about how to pronounce the thingy-thingy from the other day? ^_^
Kawaii Kyuubi-chan

Report | 10/29/2017 6:20 pm

Kawaii Kyuubi-chan

Hello! ^_^
How are you today? You have a really cute profile, by the way. 3nodding

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Hey Listen!
Gaia doesn't have a peace sign so all I can give you is a winky face. Looks like I can only go halfway Bradley. :c

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Koishiteru! heart dramallama

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Thank you very much! Please help me spread the word. <3

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thanks for buying , next time call me , i do 4% discount on trade smile you are a nice girl !